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FM-2 Wildcat (Arma Hobby 1/72)

Again this is a new model kit of a Polish manufacturer , released in May this year (2020). FM-2 kit is the first variant of the 's, and more to come - the clear sprue contains fuselage windows not needed for this GM-built .

I was building an "expert set" which has additional PE parts, masks and decal for six options. Details level is outstanding, but it requires some patience and accuracy, especially the landing gear legs and engine. Anyway, PE parts are optional. The overall fit is quite good. I can recommend this kit to anybody interested in scale, because it's one of the best Wildcats on the market today.

Thanks for watching!

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38 responses

  1. You did an excellent job of what looks to be a very good but very demanding kit, Dmitry!
    Hard to believe it's only 1/72 scale!

  2. Good set of details, even the chains and sprockets for the landing gear actuation are there!

  3. A great job of both painting and detailing I do not know how you can get to see and paint that level of detail at this level.


  4. Excellent work!

  5. That model is just splendid, Dmitry!

    Now, have you built the Hasegawa and Airfix kits yet? my guess is you have.

    Fingers crossed for more Wildcats to come from these guys.

    • @david-hansen Thanks David!

      I didn't build the Hasegawa, but I did two HobbyBoss kits. With Airfix - not jet, it waits, but I can compare, and I think it's also a good kit, but... I like thin panel lines, so the Arma is my choice.

      • The Airfix is good. Only way to get a Martlet IV OOB. Also the only 1/72 kit with a folding wing option. Good looking kit - this is one I did.

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. Pretty friggin spectacalar. Great paint.

  7. Great looking Wildcat, especially your paintwork. I wish Arma would do some 1/48 kits.

  8. Thanks for the inspiration with your superb result. I have the kit and can totally agree with your assessment. The Best FM-2 In Any Scale. The only other Wildcat kit this compares with is the Tamiya F4F-4, and for its scale, this kit is superior.

  9. You give this model a very nice finish, Dmitry.
    Absolutely great paint job and weathering.
    Well done.

  10. Great job, Dmitry. These kits by Arma are really nice. The engine on your build looks terrific.

  11. Agree with all the positive comments made about your FM-2. Great work. Also, agree that the Arma kits are very nice...having completed their Hurricane Mk.1 Expert Set can say it's great, although due to the small cockpit, you really cannot readily see all the fancy stuff Arma gives you to put in there. All panel lines are petite as called-for in 1/72; fabric covering also perfect...not overdone. Who knows of on-line retailers in the USA who carry the Arma aircraft kits?

  12. That is a gem. So much detail for braille scale.

  13. Dmitry, @starfar
    You have succeeded in building a very nice looking Wildcat. If I didn't know better I would think it was a much larger model, in 1/48 scale. This looks fantastic, and your painting work is very realistic.

    Well done my friend, and I also pressed the "liked" button too. It is indeed a little gem...

  14. Wow - there is some beautiful detail on that kit, and you did a fantastic job bringing it alive. Well done!

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