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Tamiya 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat

Another Shelf Queen done. Out of the box, no construction problems, colors are Gunze and Humbrol, decals are a mix from the kit and the spare box. A 3-footer really, but I'm happy it's done.

1/72 Arma Hobbies FM-2 Wildcat

I bought one of these kits at a local hobby store because I was curious about the Arma Hobby's line of 1/72 kits. I heard a lot of the hype and was curious if they actually lived up to the hype. Also, I wanted a decent FM-2 that wouldn't [...]

Tamiya 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat

This is the 4th model in my model-building career so my learning curve is still nearly vertical. I could only find one grainy photo of a plane from VF-22 (USS Independence) so this is my interpretation of the plane's paint scheme from [...]

Video: Wildcat VI ModelSweet Model

1/72 Arma Hobby FM-2 Wildcat

I occasionally venture outside of my cozy 48th scale fighters. This little Arma Wildcat has a ton of detail. In fact, I would stand this up against a lot of 48th scale kits, especially the engine and the cockpit. This 'Expert' kit came [...]

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat Early War Tamiya 1/48

Not perfect,but good enough for the shelves...hope you like it.

Classic Kit: Revell 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat No. H-639 1961

The model was part of Revell's 1/72 series of WW1 and WWII fighters issued in the early 1960s. I learned about the exploits of Wildcats at Wake Island in the 5th grade and I had to build a model of it. This kit was later issued in a 3 [...]

Hobby Boss, Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat in 1/48

Hello friends, today I have another US NAVY aircraft for you. It's the Hobby-Boss 1/48 scale kit that I started about 2 years ago. The construction is relatively easy, since the components fit together very well. The only challenge was to [...]

80 Years Ago: "I Knew My Plans Had Changed"

The flight deck of USS Enterprise (CV-6) echoed with the command over the loudspeaker from the bridge: “Pilots! Man your planes!” Thirty-one year old Lieutenant Richard H. “Dick” Best Jr., operations officer of Bombing-Six, watched [...]

Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat. Depicts the machine flown by LT. Marion Carl, USMC, Guadalcanal 1942. This is a gem of a kit. Built out of the box, with wine bottle lead seat harness & radio aerial is UVDR fine. Painted with Tamiya [...]