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Trumpeter 1/35 IS-7

June 9, 2020 · in Armor · · 3 Comments

Straight outta World of Tanks, it's the !

This is an absurd vehicle, and it was too absurd even for the post-GPW Army, which rightly rejected it.

But WHAT IF...?

So, I guess this needs a backstory? What if a mass uprising of undead cyborg anarchists stole the plans to the IS-7, made them slightly less ridiculous and used them in massive numbers to fight against the Wehrmacht, Red Army, Banderites and ROA? A ludicrous tank needs a ludicrous backstory, and it sure beats yet another captured tank in nazzy colors, I guess.

Anyway, OOB . Muzzle Brake was drilled out (and this changes the whole character of the kit), a bunch of the machine guns were deleted, fenders were dinged and damaged, and I stippled Mr. Surfacer 500 on to replicate a rough-cast texture. Tracks are link-and-length and are... meh.

Primed in black, with white as a zenithal highlight. Paint was whatever green I had rattling around in the paint box. Tracks were painted with model master Titanium metalizer out of the spraycan. The slogan (Mother Anarchy Is For Us) was painted on with a 00 brush and some titanium white oil paint.

Weathering was oil paint dots, ground up pastels and ground up 7B graphite.

Fun kit, but overpriced for what's in the box. Wait til it's on sale.

3 responses

  1. Loved your build, Wes. Loved the whatif story too!

  2. Monster tank, nicely done Wes, good photography as well.

  3. Looks like a battleship on tracks. Or a coastal battery on the run. Nice model, well done.

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