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A humble styrene addict from the Washington, DC, area. I build whatever catches my eye. Recently, I've been trying my hand at applying armor weathering techniques to Gundam models, with surprising results.

Capital Guardian- F-4D, 113th wing, DC Air National Guard

I've done the Tamiya B, the Meng -G, so I'll round this out with the Zoukei-Mura -D. This Guard Phantom is a MiG killer, just not with the DC Air National Guard. 66-7661 bagged a MiG-17 and MiG-21 in Vietnam, and it belonged to the 555th [...]


"That's the letter U, and the numeral 2. The four-man band features Adam Clayton on bass, Larry Mullen on drums, Dave Evans—nicknamed 'The Edge', on..." ...this is [REDACTED]! Nobody cares! These guys are from England and who [...]

YGBSM: Meng F-4G Wild Weasel

MENG F-4G 69-7582 7440th Composite Wing 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron There is not much more that I can add about the Phantom that everyone else who is far more obsessive about this plane hasn't already said. My advice? Listen to the [...]

F-4B VF-143 "Pukin' Dogs"

Tamiya F4B VF-143 Pukin' Dogs Furball Aero-Design 1/48 F-4B Bravo MiG Killers Part One People have hailed this as the "best ever" in the fields of airplane kits, jet kits, 1/48 kits and kits in general. They're right. It's [...]

1/35 Border Models Leopard 2a6, "somewhere" in Eastern Europe

I will eschew my usual word salad at this point and refer you to the leopardclub.ca examinations of this kit and the history of the real thing. It's commonly accepted that 2a6s are in Ukraine now, though I haven't seen any photographic [...]

Ecuadorian Cobra, 1/48 Mirage F-1JA

Or, "Now I know why they named it S*****hawk." Oh god, why am I doing this to myself? I swore I'd never buy a Kitty Hawk kit but as far as reviews go this one seems to be one of the better ones (not made out of ABS, acceptable [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Corsair

The Tamiya F4U-1D out of the box, which is precisely what I needed after the long slog through the Trumpeter Su-25. It's perfect. Follow the directions and use the time to hone your painting skills. Tom Cleaver's "Corsair 101" [...]

1/32 Ukraine Air Force Su-25 "Frogfoot"

Trumpeter kit, DNModels digital masks, Fundekals bort numbers. The kit is generally accurate, with the exception of the omission of the characteristic arrow-shaped vanes on the nose probes. Ukrainian aircraft sport indigenous [...]

F-14D TARPS, VF-143 "Pukin Dogs" CAG

1/48 Tamiya kit, Fightertown "Pukin' Dogs Last Ride" decals. Pain-free as far as assembly goes, but do be mindful of aligning the wing-sweep teeth otherwise you'll end up like I did: the wings will over-sweep aft and never be [...]

1/48 Mi-24P Hind F, Belgorod Raid, 1 April 22

I snapped this up from Sprue Brothers right before the sanctions were in place, so this may be one of the last Zvezda models I (or anyone else, for that matter) do for a while. It was in the mail when the war started and arrived on my [...]