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1/48 Tamiya A6M5c Zeke

July 22, 2020 · in Aviation · 20 · 1.4K

This is an old Tamiya kit that I made about 3 years ago when I first started modeling. I thought I'd throw it up here to go with my other two Japanese airplanes. It's not 100% accurate or my best build but I had fun making it. It was painted with Model Master enamels. I sanded down the green to make it look faded. I like how the green looks but the chipping is horrible. I need to learn the hairspray chipping technique next. Thanks

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  1. Looks great. I've just finished one and am in the process of finishing another. The hairspray method is kinda hit and miss. Its worked great for me and not so great. A method I'm working on now is to cut down an old #2 round brush to about an 1/8", dip it in some aluminum paint, remove most of the paint in a paper towel and then lightly dab it on the area I want to show wear. The beauty of this is you have lots of control over how much "wear" you want to show and exactly where you want to show it

  2. Very nice Zeke!

  3. Looks good Jeremy. A nice amount of wear and tear. Liked.

  4. I like your Zeke, Jeremy.
    It's a very nice model and the chipping looks good too (far away from "horrible").

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice rendering of a Zeke, Jeremy. It seems you were doing well even then.

  6. I really like the "sanded down" fading. Will have to keep that in mind and try it out some day. Thank you for sharing!

  7. A very nice build, Jeremy.
    Especially since you mentioned it to be one of them after starting modelling.
    Your chipping looks great.
    Myself using the same method as described by George.

  8. That turned out nice, Jeremy. Those are still good kits.

  9. Jeremy, @jmillan
    Your Zero looks very good. I especially like the sanded down look and how it makes the paint look thinner, almost translucent in some areas. Well done ! I have never tried the hair spray chipping technique yet... Maybe someday.

  10. That's a great-looking Zeke, chipping and all! Nicely done.

  11. I think the border between green and gray should not be blurred. But It is very good model I think. I would add markings for the synhronization of machine guns on the engine cowling.

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