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Star Blazers Yamato

I have always been a huge fan of the Yamato from the anime series Star Blazers, so, I treated myself to the 1/500th Scale Yamato from Bandai. This is an exquisite kit with perfect fits and an amazing model-shelf presence once completed. It is molded as a snap-fit kit in multi-colored plastic so it can be assembled without glue and displayed without actually being painted. I glued all the hull components, even though they really didn’t need it, but I press fitted all the small parts.

I wanted to show a little weathering, so I painted the kit with Tamiya spray can lacquers (Hull Red and IJN Gray). The panel lines were accented with Tamiya acrylics sprayed with my Iwata airbrush. This was a super fun project and a perfect diversion from my usual fare of military aircraft. Projects like this also give me the opportunity to use a little creative license when painting and detailing. It’s healthy to get out of your comfort zone on occasion, right?

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13 responses to Star Blazers Yamato

  1. Looks great! I sort of remember the series, interesting concept, from battleship to starship.

  2. I remember the series was so cool back in the 80s. Nice build.

  3. I remember seeing this on TV when I was stationed in Japan in the 90s!

  4. Very nice build.

  5. I think you were wrong to paint several sections, such as the engine, the main guns and various other things, plus you forgot to add several pieces. Like radars … it is a kit that you have to keep working on.
    In my model I spent many hours of research, specialized books and a lot of scratch.


  6. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    LOVE it … I remember seeing the series on tv ( I liked it so much I ended buying the collection on DVD ). As you say in your post : ” This was a super fun project and a perfect diversion from my usual fare of military aircraft. “, the fun you had as well as the hours of good time can be seen, nice diversion Scott.

  7. Loooks great, Scott!
    And it looks you had a great time putting it together: that’s the best part!

  8. NICE! Now that brings back a few memories!
    Amazing looking build, well done.
    Used to watch Star Blazers as a kid broadcast out of Buffalo, NY – Chnl 29 I believe.

  9. Great job on this Scott! The only problem is you didn’t show anything in the photos for scale. At 1/500 it’s pretty big but Bandai also went ahead and did a 350th with lights and sound. It must be a monster! fingers still crossed for an SDF-1 in this scale!

  10. Love it! One of the ‘last’ cartoons I watched as a kid, and the story line and concept hooked me. Very cool build.

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