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Eduard 1/48 Hellcat F6F-5


Here's my recent project, an Eduard (Profipack) F6F-5 Late. It means PE, canopy masks and resin wheels included, which is great. Everything went fine, this is a very good kit. Even after I dropped some varnish all over the right wing. So, ALWAYS put the airbrush cup lid ON! Lesson learned...

Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

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28 responses

  1. More than like this one, it’s just one of those models that capture the essence of the real plane, well done George!

  2. EXCELLENT MODEL...Tip to photograph the instrument panel.

    I had a rather new "pen-light" which gave off the new type of daylight light. I would shine it into the cockpit and take a photo with my digital camera...presto...a perfect photo of the lit-up cockpit.

  3. Really like the way you gave it the lived in look. It is very realistic to my eyes.

  4. Very nice looking Hellcat, George. Love the weathering. Currently building, very slowly, two Eduard -5s and a -3 though they will have roundels

  5. Absolutely perfect, built, paint and weathering. Bravo!

  6. Lot of brilliance and life in the blue, all without it looking like a chessboard with pre-shading and lightened panel centres. Good job!

    • Thank you! I agree with you regarding pre and pos shading. Even tough these techniques can bring very beautiful finishes, sometimes, at least in my opinion, it lacks a bit of realism. So, I always try to avoid too much regularity and/or simetry during paint jobs.

  7. Finish on this is excellent- very realistic. Well done!

  8. Excellent work. Very realistic finish.

  9. 'ella of a Hellcat! Looks great.

  10. A complete success in all ways - construction, detail, paint, weathering. Very realistic.


  11. Beautiful! Love the tones on this one. Excellent paint work!

  12. This is awesome, George (@goerge72), especially the cockpit. Hellcats and Wildcats are some of my most favorite planes.

  13. Truly excellent result, George!
    Very realistic!

  14. This is a real beauty, George.
    Detailing and overal finish is fantastic.
    Although tiny, it was for sure a great plane.

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