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Empire of Japan Group Build – Mitsubishi A6M Zero, 1/5 scale…

August 14, 2020 · in Aviation · · 8 ≡

With the indulgence of our group moderator, I present my foray into the dark side of the hobby, resulting from getting bored with running around the living room, model in hand, making airplane noises to the dismay of my significant other. This infatuation is bigger, makes real airplane noises, flies and drops non lethal bombs and drop tanks at a cost that would make the casual modeler thank his lucky stars that he decided not to do this. All this aeronautical fun comes with a creed that states, "buy, build, fly, crash, repeat..." How much better can it be? 🙂

Wingspan is 86 inches, weighs about 21 pounds, powered by a 50cc gas engine with electronic ignition and an onboard starter, so I don't have to flick the 24 inch prop by hand. Control is via a Jeti 12 channel radio. All that remains on this one is to install the nav lights and cowl, and she's ready to fly. It does not, unfortunately, fit on any shelf in the house...

This is the fine line between hobby and insanity...

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  1. Jaime,
    This is a real live monster of a plane. I have seen the video you sent me and it is very impressive ! Your skill set always amazes me. I dabble in the RC stuff occasionally. My favorite is the 1/6 scale and larger WW1 aircraft. There's just something about flying wires and two wings...

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. I pressed the "liked" button too.

  2. Looks great! Never really explored this side of the hobby, way back when attended drill weekend at the old Floyd Bennett field, there was a RC model club that used one part of an old runway ,
    it was cool to watch, build,crash,repeat...and drain bank account.

  3. You wanna mess with that stuff, you better have a big garage and a Van.
    Cool Zero.

  4. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Attractive work on that paint scheme Jaime.

  5. Jaime, this looks sensational - we need video once it goes airside!

  6. Well done - liked!

    Personally I only had one RC plane, made one flight (With an experienced pilot I might add) ending in the infamous "standing 1" landing (aka vertically into the ground) I could not afford a new engine (and plane) at the time and gave it up.

    Looking forward to a video of your plane flying though! thanks for sharing.

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