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Junior's 'Rookie Season' Chevy

Another build finished today.

This one is dedicated to a bloke who is one of the hobby's 'good guys'. Couple of years back I posted three NASCAR builds in quick succession over at Britmodeller - Keefr22 was very complimentary and we chatted about NASCAR modelling (as you do). Next thing is, Keith has bagged-up and sent a whole slue of unused and very rare AM decal sheets all the way down here to New Zealand without asking for any payment but asking that I promise to 'put them to good use'.

Just now I'm really in to race-car modelling in general and NASCAR building in particular so it was easy to keep my promise and here's the first of 'Keith's builds'.

Dale Earnhardt Jnr. raced a couple of times in the Winston Cup '99 season but his first full rookie year was 2000. This is his 2000 car from the kit, painted as usual with Tamiya acrylic straight from the rattle-can (the interior is Xtracolour enamels). After two brushed, yes brushed coats of Johnsons Klear, I applied the excellent JWTBM decals and sealed them with another two coats of Johnsons. I'll wax polish the model in a few days once it is fully dried/cured. Finished just in-time for a competition here on Armistice weekend (same as the Telford Nationals).

As ever, thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment, please feel free to ask any questions or make any criticism. My sincere thanks to Keith for the decals and I will be doing another 'Keith Car' very soon.



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15 responses

  1. I've never been much of a Revell fan but these NASCAR kits turn out very well. That Budweiser livery is a real eye-catcher and you've made a very neat job of it, and the opening bonnet (OK, then, hood) is a nice touch.

  2. Excellent build, Ian...IIRC, Jr. won his 1st race (at Texas) in this car.

  3. Man, I love these NASCAR cars, they look so mean and from what I have seen they go like mad as well, this is a great build, I like the finish. Great job Ian.

  4. Arrest me red, what's not to like.

  5. Arrest me red? That sounds promising! When I was auto appraising, we believed that red cars had more accidents. Old adjusters tale.

  6. Very nice finish, I hope to get closer to this standard on my next build!

  7. Well done! Just tote that model up and bring it here to Indianapolis. We have a couple races you may have heard about and this car would be very popular in August when the Brickyard 400 runs.

  8. Looks well done to me!

  9. Those sponsors decals are at least as challenging as stencils on an F-4. Good job on the decals! REAL COMPLEX!

  10. Thanks guys really appreciate the comments as always... Looking forward to April when we take the kids to Fl. to do the whole Disneyland/Orlando thing... We're staying in a friends' condo on Daytona Beach 'bout ten mins from the track -

    • Anybody like to guess where I'll be spending a LOT of time !
  11. Another good looking nascar Ian, well done.

  12. Nice motor Ian, very well executed!

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