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New Helicopter Rotor Parts

This show's some photo's of my clients scale Apache helicopter.
This was my first "TRY" at making parts using a sheet of flat copper. I soldered the parts together.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Well Rodney, you have an amazing talent.

  2. This is truly beautiful craftmanship, Rodney!

  3. Wow Rodney! That is amazing work.



  4. To Paul; Spiros & Scott:

    There is more of this kind of work coming! I lucked out in the mid 1980's by going to George Lee's home and watching him "scratch-build;"(S.B.) parts for a totally S.B. model. He and another "SB" modeler by the name of John Alcorn worked together at a nuclear bomb lab near San Jose, CA and were in the same model club that I joined.

    They wrote two books together and I got copies of both of them, which taught me just about everything I needed to know to S.B. model parts. So from the early 1990's it was "cut and fit; cut and fit until it fits."

    My helo's canon is up next.

    My photos and written data is recorded so it will help other modelers build better stuff. I taught model building from 1984-2004 in San Jose, CA and we had about 10-15 guys at the workshop. I also learned from the other modelers.

    Thanks for your comments: RJW

  5. Stunning work, Fantastic.

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