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Review: News from LP Models

August 5, 2020 · in Reviews · 13 · 1.8K

I decided to show you whats new in . We start to make ladders for scale model planes. No glue or sand paper needed just paint 😉

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  1. Great news Leos, those look excellent. Available in different scales? There are several models on the shelf that can use these with canopies open. Looking forward to trying them.

  2. I like that Mig. 1/48 Eduard, right? What company’s decals were used on it?

  3. Very nice ladder's, however I think you should remove the second photo showing the semi-nude lady laying on her back. I would assume that some parents would object to their children looking at that photo.

    From a retired professional film/still photographer who took semi-nude photo's of ladies back in the late 1960's.


    • Thnx for comment bout ladders. And to the removal of that lady on plane i will not remove it cos its part of history. In the same way i should remove pinup girls on B-17s ? Hell why ?

  4. Ladders look nice! Won't work for me, as they wouldn't hang on in-flight! However, I'm the exception - so I'm sure you'll sell well!

  5. The boomers must have loved when Pussy Galore pulled up to the tanker! I didn't know decals were around for that so it looks like I know how my Thud is getting done!

  6. Hello Leo,
    Thanks for informing us on these important items. Noted it down to have a look at the Aviation Megastore in Amsterdam.
    By the way, very artistic crew chief that put his whole hart into the top/nose art.
    Regards, Dirk

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    said on August 7, 2020

    Good stuff i will pick up a few in my next order from Hannants. And boo to censorship ?

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