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Still more news are coming from LP Models

thnx to our modeler friends we have new photo of our products. This shows you what you receive in box from us. No need to brush or cement just paint :) P.S. Models of airplanes are not included :-D Thnx for photos and models to David Lengyel

News from LP Models

I decided to show you whats new in . We start to make ladders for scale model planes. No glue or sand paper needed just paint ;)

Fairey Firefly 1/48 Trumpeter

My first finished model this year.

MiG-23M 1/48 Trumpeter

Usualy i build planes from Nam Era this time i try somethink different hope you will like it ;)

Kfir C.7 AMK 1/48

Almost finished just AA rockets missing. One of the best models i ever have in hands. Salut to AMK. I need more of their Models ( waiting for F-14 😎😎 )

1/72 F3H-2 Demon from Sword

New model from Sword lets start build giving some photos for you guys. Model will be soon on sale ;) more photos from build will come ASAP ;)

FW 190 F8 1/48 Tamiya SG4. June Italy 1944

My first FW 190 i ever built hope you will like it ;)

Lets start new project :) U-125A 1/72

It's time to leave Nam era planes for while and lets start this new model from Sword U-125a more photos from build will come soon :)

F-4C 1/48 Academy

First of my two F-4C :)hope yu will like it

PV-1 Ventura 1/48

My Ventura from battle with my friend , I decided for RCAF Ventura of NO.149 Squadron ,British Columbia. Here are some fotos ,model is almost done :) some parts still missing like bombs, and windows in cabin. At finall i decided to change guns f[...]
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