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TAKOM Chieftain Mk.2 1/35

August 29, 2020 · in Armor · · 9 · 2.8K

main battle Mk.2 started his story at early 1966, when first tank was delivered to the Brithish Army. The Chieftain was remained the most powerful NATO tank for most of the cold war and its arrival was a shock to the Russians, because its 120mm rifled gun was capable of defeating the armour of every soviet tank.
model is simple and well folded - working on the model was a pleasure. AMMO Mig paints and weathering product were used.

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  1. Hi Robert:

    Excellent looking tank, including the photos.

    I'm primarily an airplane builder, but a few years ago I built some armor after viewing armor model's here on this site. My tracks and running wheels were all painted like all the models I looked at.

    Question: Since tanks run on the metal treads via the toothed sprocket drive wheels. Metal against metal would wear off any paint. The paint on the tread would wear off while the tanks was running over the dirt ground.

    Why do all the modeler's paint the tread's but do not weather them?


    • I can only speak for myself. Why I never modeled metal wear on tracks.

      1. I sometimes added the tracks before painting and end up brush painting the tracks. The space to paint wear is limited.
      2. I didn't notice the metal wear till later.
      3. I'm lazy. I found it is a lot of work to weather tracks and wear.

      I did show some metal wear (chrome on the edges) on a recent build of an Object 279 tank.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. I like how your Chieftain turned out.

    The early Chieftain looks strange to me without all the armor upgrades around the turret.

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    said on August 29, 2020

    Nice job looks good.

  4. Nice Chieftain, Robert!
    Great weathering.

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice work on this model Robert.

  6. Great Work, love the weathering Robert

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