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1/35 AFV T-34 Tank with Interior in Winter Wash Camo

March 3, 2018 · in Armor · · 7 Comments

I have a lot of 1st with this build. It was, and still is, my 1st . It is my 1st Tank model with a full interior, use of chipping paints solution, using real oil paints for weathering, and finally my 1st attempt at a winter wash camo.

The kit is the fabulous AFV T-34 in with full interior. This kit, despite it's complexity, and high-parts count, is an engineering marvel when it comes to kit design and model engineering. The parts fit was outstanding and I had no difficulties with any aspect including the highly detailed and complex interior. Throughout the build I test and dry fitted the parts to insure fit and correctness of assembly before moving forward. Upon doing this I discovered that the parts just fell together often being able to assemble sub-components w/o using glue. I was concerned that after putting in all this work none of it would be seen following assembly. Well, the exterior parts were designed and fit so well that you could leave many parts unglued so that they could be removed even after complete. Obviously the turret is removable, but also the rear large engine cover come off. Also having large open hatches allow for viewing the detailed innards.

The real challenge for me was how to finish this model, both the complex worn and weathered interior, and winter camo exterior. So I did my research watching many. many videos on-line on how to apply these advanced finishing techniques, as well as, reviewed 100's of photographs of real and model T-34s. Then I jumped right in. I used many oils to stain, wash and shade the interior to capture a well used Russian battle tank. I also applied and utilized chipping solutions for the 1st time especially on the engine parts. BTW this build was completely OOB with IMHO no need to enhance. My primary paint chipping technique still relied on the tired and true sponge method.

Regarding the exterior finish and its winter white wash. I started with using all my skills/techniques to finish the tank as if it was not to be white washed. I purchased the Ammo/Mig Russian Armor Painting Kit as a basis for all base colors. I dry-brushed, filtered, and washed the Russian green base exterior as if that would be the final layer. I put a tremendous amount of work into this aspect and was concerned it would all be a waste of time after the white washed covered all this work. I then applied my 1st layer of AMMO/Mig chipping solution, and airbrushed a light layer of acrylic white. I used water with a brush to remove some of that layer and the solution worked as advertised. I sealed this layer with a flat varnish. I then applied a second layer of White wash but instead of using a chipping solution I used the new ammo/mig white washable paint. I then rinsed off this second white layer enough so that aspects of the green and 1st white chipped layer showed through. This gave a softer effect then the chipping solution by itself. The combination of the layers gave it a real 3-D effect really improving the overall visual interest of the finish. This of coarse was all finished with a flat acrylic varnish.

Overall this was an exhaustive but enjoyable project IMHO well worth the effort. I was very pleased with the result but learned enough from the experience to improve upon the result with my next attempt. As of the writing of this article, approximately a year after the build, I have not completed another white washed project but I have applied learned lessons and techniques to all my many other builds in some capacity. Especially the paint chipping and applications of oils. I cannot recommend this build enough to model makers with at least a few models under their belt. AFV did an awesome job on this model. As an option AFV also provides a version with clear plastic hull parts to better view the interior details. I noticed that following the release of this tank with an interior many model companies have also released tank models with complete interiors. I have a few in my stash but have not built any yet.

As always I hope you enjoy the images. I welcome all comments.

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7 responses

  1. Extremely well done, Paul...nice work, sir.

  2. Outstanding, Paul. The weathering and wear show this T-34 to be very well used and beat-up but still doing what it was designed to do.

    Nic background, too. Nice scene.


  3. What stands out here Paul, is the total attention to detail. Every part has been thought through and techniques have been expertly applied - especially since you were 'on debut' with a few of them! The time you have given to this is very much reflected in the brilliant outcome. The Diorama looks very convincing, even down to the way the wheels of the tank match the contours of the ground surface. Your account of the build is excellent and very comprehensive. It should serve as great guidance for those undertaking similar projects in the future. Your T-34 looks like it could drive straight off of the screen!

    I have never felt qualified to offer advice to anyone on this forum about building models - and certainly could not start to make suggestions with this outstanding work! My limit is to occasionally chip in with some background research of I think it useful. However I love photography (I know it is not everyone's prime objective but it captures the model before any of the ravages of time take effect). Some of these shots (especially the close ups of your fine detail) would be improved if you shot off a really sturdy support (a tripod, or a beanbag - with the 'timer function' on the camera/phone in use to avoid any shaking and blurriness). There are lots of cheap tripods around for phones and cameras - but even 'nestling' your phone/camera on a bag of rice will help. My final advice would be to shoot at higher aperture (f-number) if you can so that your depth of field isn't so shallow - for close up photos f-22 or even higher.

    Congratulations and thanks again for sharing a brilliant build!

    • Thanx so much for your kind words and feedback. One day I will focus on taking better pictures. Right now just using my cell phone to quickly capture pics but would love to learn to take better model pics. I do have a decent Canon DSLR with a cheap macro lense but have been to lazy to set up properly and need to grab a decent tri-pod.

  4. Always one of the best armour modelling subjects, and the AFV is itself one of the best offerings. Great result.

  5. This is a fantastic T-34... The more I look at it, the more little details pop out...
    Well done Sir ! Two thumbs up... The winter camouflage I something that is very hard to do, and have it look "right".
    You nailed it...

  6. Excellent work - love all the detail you put into the weathering, etc. Very nice!

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