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Takom 1/72 Silbervogel "Amerika Bomber"

This is the second model I have built during my forced downtime due to stomach surgery. I don't normally build hypothetical planes, and I also don't like to build models with a natural metal finish (because I don't do NMF very well), but [...]

Review: Takom 1/16 1/4 Ton 4X4 G503MB Review

Takom Blitz Panzer III N 1/35

This one gave me trouble all the way from start to finish. The model itself was very nicely molded, sharp and crisp with well hidden ejector pin marks and small sprue gates. It was also rather ill fitting and required a fair bit of drill [...]

If this old helmet could talk....

This 1/35 diorama was inspired by this old helmet given to me by my father when I was about 6 years old (41 years ago - where did that time go!?). After it spent years helping my friends and I survive WW2 inspired battles in my back yard [...]

Video: M3 Lee - 1/35 TakomTank Model

Whippet 1918

1:35 Takom painted with Tamiya and weathered with oils Figure Model Cellar painted with oils

Doodlebug! Takom 1/35 V1 Flying Bomb

In 1939 the families of London were given the option of sending their children to the country to avoid predicted raids by Luftwaffe bombers. Many returned before the Blitz when 'the phoney war' played out as a hiatus before the conflict [...]

1/35 Montagebock (V-1 Launch ramp)

According to the books i have read, it was called a Nagel Kran(German) This type was used to build up the V-1 launch ramp. You can see in on Back &white photo,that next to the ramp on either side layes a rail track . I only have found [...]

FGS Hessen F-221 German Frigate, (1/350 Takom)

After more 3 months, +390 parts and 130 hours work,..finished Sachsen class Frigate, very nice model. Added many improvements and modification, hangar fully scratch,..plastruct styrene sheet, rod,strip, generic PE from Trumpeter set master [...]

Luftwaffe Flakturm ft. Flak 40 Zwilling ca. 1943, Scratchbuild

This is my contribution to the Imperial German Air Service / Luftwaffe Group Build, athough for once it ain't no airplane! (link) Here you can follow the progress report: (link) As you can see, I finished this one but I did so in Winter [...]