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Italeri 1/72 Bell AH-1/AB47A M*A*S*H Mashup

Hi There,
I recently started rewatching MAS*H from the start with the movie and then the TV Series. (I've reached Series 5 so far) and got a hankering to try and build one of the helicopters.
Most of the research was done on a frame by frame basis of the opening titles, where the Choppers have doors but all the following shots in the series don't.
I'm assuming this was for filming purposes but decide to make mine without.
In the opening titles there is an overhead shot showing a whip aerial rather than a blade one so this was replaced with stretched spru.

My only problem came with making the decals. Guess which i***t didn't realise there was a difference between laser and inkjet papers and ordered the wrong ones and as such the ink just melted away as I tried to put a sealing coat on it.

Microscale almost to the rescue but they are still murky. They will do until I get inkjet paper when they will be replaced.
Overall I'm pleased with the way it came out and it looks good from three feet away.

Primed with UMP Grey
Painted with Medium Sea Grey, Olive Green, Nato Black, Chrome Silver, Clear Red, AK Extreme Aluminium.

Thanks for looking and as always any comments or criticism welcome.


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10 responses

  1. Looks great ! I built one of these a few years ago, but I didn't MASH it. Not a bad kit for the price.

  2. Beautiful chopper, Alistair!
    Must be small in 1/72, really sweet and tiny.
    This makes your precise job even more positively commendable.

  3. Prim little build - you captured the Korean War icon well!

  4. This tiny chopper looks great.
    Unbelievable it is 1/72.
    Well done, Alistair.

  5. Nice! I can here the theme music playing.

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