Making Realistic AfterBurner Flames. . . 1/72 Mig-29SMT/UPG

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Hello Everyone,

The build is a MIG29SMT built into an MIG29UPG taking off on a Wet Runway with Glowing Afterburners.

The kit used is a MIG29SMT in size.

Most of the work done was on making the Flame look realistic enough. The flame is Clear Resin and is lit by using 2 White LEDs housed in the exhaust cans.
The model is painted using the bare basic techniques of preshading and light coats of grey color to make this an IAF grey machine. Paints used were acrylics.

This was a first trial run to make the Afterburner Flames, so I hope this becomes a step in producing more of such models.

Do Enjoy the Build. . . Cheers . . . . ?
Captain Adi · on youtube
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  1. Cool - or is it HOT?

    Anyway, well done.

  2. Very ingenious! I am always amazed at the capabilities many modelers have to literally create dioramas of several situations that are very difficult to recreate in miniature. Thumbs up Captain!

  3. Many Thanks Erik n Pedro . . . Looking forward for more of you inputs for more such models . . . Many Thanks. . .

  4. The flames look very realistic. I can think of a lot of applications for this technique.

  5. Amazing and inspiring! Thank you for showing and sharing!

  6. Very inventive! Great job.

  7. Having stood next to many F-14s at full burner, that
    Mig looks pretty darned good!

  8. This is a wonderful result, Captain!
    Full of fresh and inspirational ideas!
    Excellent video presentation, too.
    Welcome aboard!

  9. This is a hot example of what a modeller can achieve,
    Very realistic and original idea.

  10. Many Thanks Everyone. ... Looking forward for more 🙂

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