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September 10, 2020 · in Aviation · · 6 · 2K

This is a Scale "Mirage 2000C painted up just like what was on the box art and it still is in good shape since I built it in March, 2008.
Enjoy... Rodney

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  1. That's a beautiful M2000, Rodney!
    So much and so qualitative work on those tiger stripes...

    • Spiros:

      It was a bit time consuming cutting out the "Frisket Film" to make the painting mast, but I had plenty of time due to being "retired" and having finished helping my wife around the house.

      Really! I have liked challenging jobs all my life, like learning how to "scuba" dive in Mexico, and keep an eye out for SHARKS!

      I still miss building due to my shaky hands, but all good things come to an end...

  2. Great build, Rodney.
    This is a very nice Tiger meet scheme.
    Impressive that it still looks that good after 12 years.
    Did you do any cleaning?

    • Replying to your (?) of "Did you do any cleaning."

      In the beginning, my finished models went up on shelves that I built out in our living room. Overtime they collected cooking grease from our near-by kitchen and minor dust particles from the air moving "in and out" of the house. I washed some model's and off came the grease, dust, decals and paint.

      I bought a used 6' long jewelry show case and added a 4' long daylight florescent tube light & more shelves which could hold about 80 models. As time went by my models grew to 284. I bought and built clear plastic show cases. Our living and model room looked like a hobby shop. I started buying semi-clear plastic cases @Walmart that has air tight lids. Today I live with other family members and all of my models are packed away in these type of boxes. My show case sits out in our garage empty. All good things come town end.

  3. Hello Rodney,
    Just like in the real world, they soldier on for a long time.
    To me, the model looks brand new, still to go for many more years.
    Regards, Dirk.

    • Dirk:

      Yes!... the models look brand new and for some reason (s) they stay that way as long as you don't leave them on a shelf in one of your rooms. My model room in two houses was at least 50' from the kitchen, but grease floated into those rooms. I always painted everything on my models out in the garage on my small 3'x3' paint table. The finished model was photographed in my model building room after I cleared the table and attache my colored roll-down paper. The model was then put in a dust free show case and/or in a box...thus it looks new for years. I took almost every model I made to contest so they were exposed to air in the contest room for a few hours...thats it!

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