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1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar GR.1

This model was built for the Desert Storm Group, but I wanted to post a few pictures here. The model was built basically out-of-the-box, but I added a resin ejection seat from my spares box. I doubt the seat is correct for the Jaguar, but it improves the cockpit considerably. The model is of a of 41 Squadron named (I can't say the name without smiling). The decals come from a KitsWorld set of decals, which includes a number of (Desert Storm) aircraft. After a couple of difficult builds of Special Hobby and Valom kits, this was just the straightforward build that I needed. If you need more info or pictures of the build, you can find them in the Desert Storm Group.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Nice! - I'll hit the star on my way outta here. HONK

  2. Nice paint job, George. That Fartpants fellow must have been a born fighter to survive grade school!

  3. Thanks, Erik (@airbum) and Robert (@robgenev665). There was a short period when I was in grade school that being able to proficiently pass gas at specific times was considered a badge of honor. :o)

  4. George @gblair, this is a great model of a really beautiful plane that you built in a snap.

  5. Thanks, Spiros (@fiveten). I think a de Havilland might be next.

  6. Nicely done George.

  7. A memorable model indeed. HONK

  8. Really nice job on this George ,well done. For your information Jonnie Fartpants is a character from a comic sold in the U.K. called VIZ , it is not aimed at small kids but at older teens ,college kids and adults with a good sense of humour. Some of the other characters are The Fat Slags ( a slag in uk slang is a woman of loose moral values god bless 'em!) Buster Gonad , The Pathetic sharks and many more , it really is very funny -well to us brits anyway...
    Cheers N.

  9. This scheme suites this plane nicely.
    A very nice buidl, George @gblair
    I personally like the shading on this build.
    Very nice.

  10. Very good George, built this kit waay back in 1992 with those markings. 1 of 2 Jags I have, the other is an Italeri which is a pretty good kit as well. Fun kit to build. As Neil mentioned not only this character but those he mentioned also appeared on several other Jag's, Tornado's and maybe a Buccaneer as well. Nice to get a quick not so challenging model in for a change. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nice Jaguar as well as some interesting nose art. I like it.

  12. Thanks, everyone. @tcinla @neil-foster @JohnB @uscusn @tom-bebout

    I still want to build a C-141 for the group build. The deployment for Desert Shield, and then Desert Storm occupied a good portion of my last couple of years in the Air Force.

  13. Nice work, George. I built a Desert Storm Jag from that kit in January 1991 after seeing them in action on the news.

  14. Thanks, John (@j-healy). I remember building an F-15 and a Kuwaiti A-4 at the time. I didn't appreciate the British planes till later.

  15. Great build George - a very nice squadron companion to mine! I used the same decal set, but not the smartpants option. Looks great!

  16. Thanks, Greg (@gkittinger). I noticed your previous build on iModeler when I was doing research for my build. I almost decided to build something else when I saw how great yours looked, but I had already started on the cockpit. You set a really high mark to shoot for.

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