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Lotus Ford Type 72C, Jochen Rindt

October 17, 2020 · in Automotive · · 8 · 2K

Lotus Ford Type 72C, Jochen Rindt
Kit: Ebbro (20009)


  • Zero Paint 2K Primer (ZP-3014) (A primer is really needed on this kit since the body is molded in red styrene. The red bleeds through even this 2K primer.
  • Zero Paint Gold Leaf paint set (ZP-1074) (The set includes gold, white and red. The gold is similar to most other gold paint and the red is similar to Ferrari “Rosso Corsa” or Tamiya “Italian Red” so this set isn't necessary to get a good result.)
  • Zero Paint Diamond 2K Clear (ZP-3006)
  • Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome
  • Various shades of Alclad metal


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The Lotus Type 72C won the 1970 Constructors' Championship with Jochen Rindt wining the Drivers' Championship. Unfortunately, Rindt was awarded the Championship posthumously after having perished on September 5, 1970 during practice at Monza prior to the 1970 Italian Grand Prix. Rindt was German-born but represented Austria during his career making him the first Austrian to compete in and win the Championship. Rindt discovered his love for racing along with his childhood friend, Dr. Helmut Marko, who is a two-time Le Mans winner and the current Director of Driver Development for Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Alpha Tauri.

This model represents the 72C as Rindt drove it at the German Grand Prix where he won his last race which was his 5th win of the year. With that win, Rindt earned sufficient points to take the Drivers' Championship despite three subsequent races being contested by the field. Emerson Fittipaldi won one final race for Lotus that year at the U.S. Grand Prix to secure the F1 Constructors' Championship for Lotus.

This is a great kit from Ebbro. These 70's F1 cars were engineered using a lot of metal rod to hold them together and as a result, models of these cars are very fiddly to build. Ebbro has done a nice job designing this kit to go together smoothly. But there are a couple of problem areas. The radiators inside the side cowlings need trimming to allow the cowlings to fit snugly against the body. Also, the steering column is too short and does not attach to anything in the front steering assembly. The pedals also interfere with the steering column. The engine is a gem - it is very detailed and lends itself nicely to detailing. I added various wires and lines to the engine to reflect the “busy” look of the Cogsworth V8.

I used the kit decals which are superb. They laid-down nicely and were flexible and strong with perfect register. I did get a little silvering but I thing that was my fault for not squeegying out all the air bubbles carefully enough. If the modeller does not want to paint the gold nose of the 72C, Ebbro includes gold decals. One feature of this kit which I absolutely love is that the tyre logos and pinstripes are pre-printed on the tyre. This is so much better than using decals, painting with a template or hand painting tyres which rarely give me the results I want. I wouldn't even know how to do the gold pinstripe. Thanks to Ebbro for this!

Enjoy and comments welcome.


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  1. Another classic Lotus Formula One car, beautifully built and finished. Pre-printing the tyres is definitely a plus for this kit. I actually prefer this Gold Leaf colour scheme to the later, and perhaps better known, black JPS livery, but I'm probably just showing my age there.

  2. Love the look of the metal paint work. Those rear wheels look very real, along with everything under the bonnet. Fantastic work all around Richard, as always.

  3. A fantastic build of a great but challenging kit, Richard!...
    ...of the beloved Jochen Rindt...much missed...

  4. You did a nice job! At the moment my father builds one of Lauda´s Ferraris, most probably he will do this Lotus of Rindt too.

  5. Your collection of superb racers steps up to a new level. Beautiful work, Richard.

  6. Lovely Lotus Richard, nicely detailed, but that radiator hose at the rear could do with some internal support !

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Richard, @rbungay
    You have impeccable taste with F-1 race cars ! This one looks every bit as nice as your last posting. I especially like the additional wiring details you added to the engine... That took it up at least another notch or two. The tires do indeed look very realistic.

    Well done my friend.
    "liked" too... 🙂

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