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My real ’64 Pontiac Bonneville

November 13, 2020 · in Automotive · 10 Comments

I bought this car new for 4 grand in the fall of 1963. I never found a model of it when I got into model building in would have made a beautiful model.

10 responses

  1. A friend has a 64 Bonneville convertible. It’s a huge car. There’s almost enough room in the trunk for me to park my Mazda Miata.

  2. The car was big all over and like you say the big trunk. I drove the car way down to Manzanillo, Mexico with my wife and 3 kids in 1970. The trunk carried all of our stuff. In 1971 I got a contract from PBS-TV, to go to American, Samoa in the South Pacific so I took the car down there on a boat. I sold it down there when I came back to America in 1977.

  3. That's an impressive car, Rodney, what we might call a real "Yank Tank".

  4. Or a "Land Yacht".

  5. Lovely car and lovely memories @f2g1d!

  6. What I did not realize was when I took the car to Samoa it was surrounded by the salt water ocean. As a result, the air was full of microscopic salt crystal's, which in time mixed with the weekly rains which I drove in. Within 2 years, the car showed extensive metal rust around the rear fenders, including the fender skirts.

    I should have known better as I live in Akron, Ohio where they loaded the streets with salt in the winter time to melt the ice and snow on the roads. Since I never drove the car in the winter in Akron, it was rust free. Samoa was summer-time 24/7 all year long. When I came back to California in 1977 I had to buy a and some of my friends said: "Dumb A*s Rodney!"

  7. My Father had a 1973 Catalina, as it aged and rusted, one day while driving on the highway the vinyl roof [one of the worst inventions of the American car industry] separated from the car, He said there was a big woosh noise and he could see it flapping in the wind behind him in the rear view mirror.

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