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Airfix Me 262 Prototype V3 1/72

May 6, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.2K

I did once say I never build anything German but I forgot about this, I built it for a club comp with the theme of prototype/experimental aircraft.I found some footage on youtube,it is grainy and of course black and white but shows the aircraft clearly enough to copy.I filled over the front wheel bay and gun ports and pinched a tail wheel from a scrap Spitfire the decals are mostly from my spares box except for the small white codes which are from a sheet bought from Hannants

I think the 262 looks better as a tail sitter,I did show this kit on another site and got some comments from a so called expert who thought it was a "what if" !

Obviously this is based on the ancient offering and so is what I would call a six footer, that is to say it looks better from about six feet away!but I think it makes an interesting subject.

Your comments please, N.

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  1. Sweet. I have this kit, still in its soft plastic bag and instruction sheet which folded acted as a "packaging". The kit itself looks more like a sallad of loose light blue parts. I will not build it - too much nostalgia value - but it's nice to see that you did!

    • When I was a kid back in the early seventies my grandparents owned a small convenience store,and besides selling groceries also sold Airfix kits,I remember all those rows of bagged up series one kits like it was yesterday ,the hobby was much more mainstream then,no xbox turning kids brains to mush and every month or so a couple of large boxes with the Airfix logo in large letters would turn up containing Grandads order and usualy a couple of the latest releases, happy days!.

  2. I'm with you Neil, I cut my teeth on Airfix kits. I remember many a rainy Saturday I would sit at the kitchen table putting together an Airfix or Frog kit that I bought with my pocket money. Still have a bagged Hannover CLIII in my stash waiting for a rainy Saturday.

  3. Thanks for looking Seamus,those old Airfix kits are great fun but not much else ,you can't make a silk purse from a sows ear right?

    • Gotta disagree with you on that last part Neil. On the Hyperscale web-site, they have an Airfix group build going on. Some of these guys are going "Balls-Out" on some of these old Airfix kits and the work is just amazing. How is the riding weather been lately?

      • Actually you are spot on there are a couple of builders on the Airfix tribute site especialy the guy whose build of the Airfix Bloodhound that inspired me to do one are amazing ,I think he goes under the alias "the exile" and is probably the best scale modeller I have seen.
        P.S. when I said you can't make a silk purse from a sows ear I should have said I can't !

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