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Slightly modified Staghound. 1/35 ITALERI

November 29, 2020 · in Uncategorized · · 12 · 1.8K

Well here is my story. Some say it's true. and most say it isn't.
The call was out for a rough terrain anti aircraft vehicle . At reasonable costs.
Soooo, four shock absorbers, four leaf springs, and a extended steering control arm all in a crate were shipped. Instillation time about six hours . This combination was proven quite successful until it came across anything larger than a fifty caliber round. Reverse speed was quite adequate.
It was a fun build.
California Steve

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  1. I'll take one. In Metallic Red. Mileage will be poor though.
    Hollow out those gun barrels, willya?

  2. Metallic Red! wait, I do have some Monster truck tires somewhere.
    Now don't be a bad influence there Bill.
    You know a blower sticking out of the rear deck might look cool.
    California Steve

  3. Well gee Steve welcome back, though I did miss the Porsche posting when it came out earlier in the month, I know Porsche, there is no substitute! The Staghound is great and would be a great companion to an H1 Hummer in the drive, though not Metallic Red, maybe a multi color camo job similar to a VW Thing. Either way, you have been missed and really good to cya back in the saddle.

  4. Why thank you Chuck. It is great to hear from everyone again. I do have some catching up to do.
    I have a few projects in the works. Thanks .
    California Steve

  5. Love it, California Steve @stevenflowers!
    Weathering rocks!

  6. Little drop of amber liquid there somewhere, Steve, but the background sets it off nicely.

  7. Thank you Spiros. These are nice kits to build.
    California Steve

  8. You have to match the terrain George, the building was fun to create.
    Thanks George.
    California Steve

  9. Awesome build, would be useful the Long Island Expressway.

    • You are so right there Robert. I drove that monster expressway in the snow with a Chevy Chevette quite a few years ago. An adventure in pure terror! Lon Gilanders should learn that turn signals are our friends. I still had a good time visiting there.
      I'm glad you liked.
      California Steve

  10. Interesting piece of work Steve, and love that dio as well.

  11. Thank you very much Tom.

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