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Special hobby IAF, Super Mystere Sa'ar in 1/72

Hi guys,
here is my , , in
an excellent kit with almost close to perfect fit. OOB built.
Have a great day ?

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  1. Not into jets but this is some fine work!

  2. Very nice build of one of my favorite Cold War French jets. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is really sharp. Great paintwork. What brand paint did you use? I’d love one of these in 1/48.

    • There is/was a "Fonderies Miniatures" kit in 1/48
      My review below. You're a brave guy, John, go for it! It was actually one of their better kits.

      "I have to admit up front, I was not anxious to do this model when it first came out, due to the really bad experiences I had had with the Mystere IVA, and Fouga Magister kits from this company, and also the Vautour designed by F-M for Hi-Tech. In those kits, nothing went together right, and the models were impossible to build without a dremel tool to ream out the fuselage halves and grind down the resin interior detail parts in order to get things to fit. It was only when I heard from another modeler that this one wasn’t like those that I decided to pluck the sad little kit from its dust-gathering place on the shelves of the local hobby shop where it had been since its arrival two years ago.

      "Surprise surprise! My friend was right!

      "While the plastic parts still needed sanding down to get a smooth surface, test-fitting of the resin cockpit and the wheel wells revealed that they were actually designed to fit inside the fuselage shell! Not only that, but the upper and lower wing halves were of similar dimensions, and the horizontal stabilizers were also right. In fact, the model went together in a very straightforward manner with careful test-fitting in two long afternoon sessions over a quiet weekend, using only Mr. Surfacer 500 on the various seams, which then politely disappeared with some sanding-down. The only area that really created any fit problem was the nose cone, which also includes the air intake. I blocked off the intake with evergreen sheet, and then put fish weights in the nose and beneath the cockpit to either side of the nose wheel well to insure nose-sitting. I was definitely impressed by the overall improvement in production design quality at this point as I polished the model with Tamiya plastic polish and was ready for the paint shop."

      • Thanks! I never knew about that one. Very encouraging that the wings are of similar dimensions.?

        • It was one of the FM kits that seem to have been sold out rather quickly upon their release, back in 2002, myself not being able to discover one at the Paris and Bordeaux hobby shops, upon my visits to France back then, Tom @tcinla; it being one of their better kits might explain the reason why.

          The Mystere family is, I believe, one of significant importance in aviation, its modeling representation in 1/48 being only the difficult FM kits so far, that are practically non existing now.

          A mainstream 1/48 woudn't be a bad idea, but again the 1/48 Catalinas were a good idea, mostly wanted and anticipated, very well represented by Revell-Monogram, resulting in shelf sitters...

  4. Generally not a jet guy, but that looks so cool!

  5. Very nice, Allon.

  6. Sometimes the sun ,moon and the stars align to reveal the very best in a model. Add a smattering of (excellent) photography stirred but, not shaken to reveal a real feel good model.

    Two thumbs up Allon. A Job Well Done well done indeed.

  7. Very nicely done!

  8. It looks fantastic in this scheme, Allon.
    The paintwork is great.

  9. This is a fantastic build, Allon! Can easilly pass for an excellent 1/48 or 1/32!
    I love the three color Israeli camo, to me one of the most beautiful, and you made a pefect job on it, with very realistic demarcation lines ane weathering.
    Well done!

  10. Great build Allon (@allonkira67), fantastic pictures! You forget that it is an OOB in 1/72 when looking at them. Well done.

  11. That is a real beauty! Love the finishing work on it. Beautiful scheme as well, with the yellow/orange panels.

  12. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very distinctive model Allon, a much unseen aircraft type yet nicely done.
    The camouflage is very well done.
    It does look very similar too the F-100 Super Sabre.

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