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Bf 109-E4 – Special Hobby – 1/72

Finished last month. One of the best Bf-109 on the market along with the Tamiya's one G-6. Exquisite detail, great fit. Painted with Mr.Paint lacquer paints. Highly recommended.

Special Hobby 1/48 Phoenix d.I

Nice kit with great colour scheme of "K.U.K. Kriegsmarine" -Austo Hingarian marine airforce from1918. My first SH biplane.

Northrop Delta 1 D, A61-1, 35 Sqn RAAF 1943.

1/72 Special Hobby, built December 2019 to August 2020, finished in Pollyscale - 505248, 505244 and 505246 with Pledge and Xtra flat over kit decals.

Build ’em or Bin ’em – Off the SoD: Special Hobby Fiat G-55 Serie 01

I got this kit in 2007. It's the Special Hobby Serie O first production type. It wasn't until Reinhard posted his take on this kit and noted that it's really a Serie 01, that I realized the cannons were there all along, as well as the proper nos[...]

New Group: Build ‘Em or Bin ‘Em

We've all got a Shelf of Doom. Most of the time, when we look over what's there, we can't remember how it got there. I made a New Year's Resolution to "build 'em or bin 'em" but clear the SoD by the end of 2021. I started with this Special Hob[...]

Eduard 2021 releases

That Tempest II in July is nice. Hopefully the S.199 will be in 1/48 first. 4-cannon Fw-190A-5 is also interesting, as is the Spitfire V in the fall. I like the Fw-190F-8. Doing 109Es with the Special Hobby kit is great - that is absolutely t[...]

last of 2020/first of 2021

Technically, this Special Hobby Bf-109E-4 is a 2020 kit, since I started it in December. But I didn't decal and finish it till today, so it's the first one finished of 2021. This new Special Hobby 1/72 Bf-109E-4, done in cooperation with Eduard[...]

Fairey Firefly Mk1 1/48 Special Hobby. Korean war Group build.

This is my contribution to the Korean war group build or rather my first contribution as I may well do more , we have plenty of time after all. The kit is the Special Hobby offering , I picked this kit up some years ago for £30 at a club meet b[...]

Italian Stallion…1/48 Fiat G.55 Centauro, Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana

Built in 2016. Initially my dad wanted to do the splinter camo "blue 11" with the Special Hobby Sottoserie 0 kit. But then he found out that the kit had only the wings for a Serie 1 aircraft and some filling, sanding and scribing would have b[...]

Forgotten War Group Build – Special Hobby 1/48 Fairey Firefly F.R.1, HMS Triumph, 1950

You can see the WIP for this model at the Forgotten War Group Build. History: The Fleet Air Arm was the only carrier air arm to carry on with the development and operation of the two-seat carrier fighter past the early 1930s. Both the Japanese[...]