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Special Hobby range of model kits

CAC CA5 Wirraway, A20-103, 4 Sqn RAAF, Poppendetta New Guinea 1942.

1/72 Special Hobby, built 04-2022 to 12-2023 for the Pacific Theater GB, more pic's, details there.

P-35 & its relation to te RE 2000

This was a nice little build from Special Hobby and it seemed appropriate after the RE 2000. These two airframes share a lot in common Steve

Bugatti 100 Racer 48th Scale by Special Hobby

Say the name Bugatti and race cars should come to mind. Beautiful, fast, and sleek, the Bugatti racers dominated the European racing scene during the 1920s and ’30s. But the company also had an aviation connection, and a unique one at [...]

Special Hobby 1/32 Fokker D. 11

The Fokker D11 was designed to take over from the Fokker E1, E11 & E111 monoplanes. It even utilised the rear fuselage and tailplane of the Eindecker and used wing warping for lateral control as did the monoplanes. Fitted with a 100hp [...]

Bücker Bü 181 "Bestmann" Swiss Air Force

In the fall of 1944, as an Experiment, the Luftwaffe requisitioned the HB-EBI, a civilian Aircraft from Doflug Altenrhein, CH, marked it with the A-250, and Tested it as a beginner's training aircraft. The advantage was that the two seats [...]

Review: Special Hobby 1/48 Fairey Albacore Mk.II

The Aircraft: The origins of the Albacore, popularly known as the "Applecore", originated in Air Ministry Specification S.41/36 issued on 11 February 1937, as well as the earlier Specification M.7/36, which had sought a [...]

"Down but Not Out", USMC Piper NE-1

Hello All, My latest diorama, titled, “Down but Not Out”, depicting an USMC Piper NE-1 based in the Pacific. This was a simultaneous build along with my Jim Sullivan GB, Piper NE-1. The diorama portion was the major portion of this [...]

Special Hobby's 1/32 scale Fokker D.II

Hi, guys... this is my most recent build and although I thought it was a bit daunting when I bought it a couple of years back, it turned into quite a nice build. This was the second generation of Fokker fighters produced for the Imperial [...]

Phönix D. IIa, Special Hobby, 1:48, Fw. Karl Teichmann, Flik 17J, 5 victories

When I recently put the D.I version, it is necessary to add the D.II version from the same manufacturer. Made the same modifications as D.I, plus added aileron balancing that was omitted from the kit. The D.II version had, unlike the D.I, [...]

Phönix D. I, Special Hobby, 1:48, Stfw. Karel Urban, Flik 14J, 5 victories

This model from Special Hobby is quite good without major tricks. It was necessary to shorten the main intermediate wing struts a little. Further equip the cockpit. I also made a slight modification of the engine and completed the cooling [...]