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The World’s Most Powerful Guided Missile Cruiser

The Chicago lived up to her reputation as "The World's Most Powerful Guided Missile Cruiser," earning eleven consecutive "E's" for missilery excellence - a record unsurpassed in American Naval history. Each USS Chicago proved to be the epitome of American Naval might in their own times - ships of formidable might, enviable efficiency and proud tradition that will go long remembered.

The Kit is from Ciberhobby in , using a small set of photo-etched parts. Several modifications have been made to the original model, completing it with the Flyhawk radar set, modifications to the main mast and two cranes aft next to the boats. The paints used have been Vallejo, using Vallejo 70870 (FS-36270) and 70868 (FS-36118).

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses

  1. I had little knowledge on ships, but it starts to beef up after entering iModeler.
    Especially after seeing excellent results like you model, Manuel, backed up by nice background intro.
    Well done! Your Chicago looks spectacular!

  2. Nice work on a ship that I bet never won any beauty contests... Yet still these tall gals intrigue me. Can't wait to see what you present next.

  3. Nice work! That superstructure is like a giant sail. I imagine it had a bumpy ride!

  4. Thank you for your kind words. The Uss Albany always caught my attention and I was thinking of making the kit, I couldn't find it and I was able to get the Uss Chicago. Be fascinated by the history of this ship. This site is detailed in addition to
    The kit has had a lot of work but it is entertaining and the result is pleasant.
    Maybe I will also do the Uss Albany and another ship that I love, the Uss Long Beach.

    • Thanks for the link! I would sooner build a Long Beach, and in fact bought one but it got lost in the mail. These Cold War Crusier kits are getting harder to come by these days. I'd love to see you build one up, would look great with your other CGs, and their excellent dios.

  5. Nicely done! the seascape looks great too.

  6. I remember when the Chicago first came to San Diego and "broadcast" on every set of fillings from Rosarita Beach, Mexico, to Long Beach, California, the first time they turned on that radar for a test one night. The last time they did that within 100 miles of the coast!

    Chicago was also an "ace" for shooting down VPAF airplanes with her Talos missiles. And her Chief radarman was the #1 fighter controller during Operation Linebacker.

    Nice work on what everyone back then considered the ugliest ship in the Navy.

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