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Currently retired. I have always liked modeling. From my childhood I made paper models of airplanes and boats until I started with plastic modeling. My first model was a 1/72 Me-262, since then I have made a large number of planes, 1/72 and 1/87 AFVs and 1/700 boats. Currently with ships in 1/700 and some more in 1/350. I have also done AFV in 1/35.
I am fascinated by current modeling, with photoetched, small details and different techniques.

D-25 Jorge JuanDestroyer Spanish Navy

It is about the conversion of the Uss Sullivans to the Jorge Juan of the Spanish Navy, ex-McGowan DD-678, belonging to the Fletcher class and which was transferred by the US on December 1, 1960. The Trumpeter kit is quite It can be [...]

Uss Mustin - DDG 89 - Trumpeter - 1/350

To build it I used Trumpeter's Uss Forrest Sherman. The Uss Mustin belongs to the Flight IIA series and was the first to incorporate the new configuration of the chimneys that reduced the silhouette and radar signature. In the same way [...]

Uss Momsen – DDG-92

This Trumpeter model has only been made with the kit's photo-etched parts and adding only Flyhawk ladders. The kit represents the early version of the ship and has been modified to include the aft Phalanx. Numerous modifications have been [...]

Hms Renown at Suez

Generic photo-etchings with other details in scracth. The main guns have been replaced with those of Rb models. I have replaced the chains with others made with copper wire and the fore and aft masts have also been completely rebuilt. The [...]

"Tico" the first of the Ticonderoga class

I have always been fascinated by the Spruance and Ticonderoga class ships. Today it is not easy to get a kit that I would like to build again. This kit is from Revell, 1/700 scale and I was pleasantly surprised compared to other brands. I [...]

Project 1164 Slava - Moskva

The Kit is from Trumpeter in a 1/700 scale that brings a good set to represent this ship both in full hull and in waterline. The model is sufficient to be built out of box, although the radars must be supplemented with photo-etched parts. [...]

Ocean Liner Kasugamaru

This is the Ocean Liner Kasugamaru. It is an old Aoshima kit in 1/700, I have used a camouflage similar to that of other Japanese ships. In reality, this ship barely had activity as a merchant because it was rebuilt as an aircraft carrier [...]

The World’s Most Powerful Guided Missile Cruiser

The Chicago lived up to her reputation as "The World's Most Powerful Guided Missile Cruiser," earning eleven consecutive "E's" for missilery excellence - a record unsurpassed in American Naval history. Each USS Chicago [...]

The Showboat – Uss North Carolina

A nice 1/700 Trumpeter kit complete with White Ensign Models photo-etched parts. The main armament is from RB Models, the secondary is made with brass tubes and the 40mm mounts are from Lion Roar. Several small improvements have also been [...]

The lighthouse and the giant

The old kit of Tamiya with photoetched Blue Star Admiral (Voyager) BSE-70003, main and secondary Guns Aber, oerlikon 20 mmm White Ensign Models, rigging Unicaenis, chains cooper wire. Lighthouse Scrachtbuild, Cliff: Styrofoam. Paints: [...]