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Good News: ARMA Hobby announces 2021 releases

December 31, 2020 · in News · 9 · 1.1K

Yes - 2021 will be better.

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  1. Considered posting this too upon seeing it. Good news indeed. The Mustang should delight many. 🙂

  2. Great news, that Hurricane Mk.IIc is on my wishlist now.

  3. The level of detail is amazing!

  4. Already seen their new PZL fighter in 1/48, their debut kit in the scale, but the Hurri has been on web talks since the summer, it looks fantastic!

  5. Oh, yippee, yet more WW2 aircraft...

    • @chinesegeorge:

      As Jim Hornfischer once said to me, "There are two subjects for which there will never be too many books on the subject - the Civil War and World War II." (he was speaking of the American market, I'd include the Napoleonic Wars for European readers) Which is why I make a nice living and have fun.

      For the same reason, there will never be too many models of "WW2 aircraft." 🙂

  6. Hurricane IIc will be welcomed. I wish they’d do that F2F in plastic. I procrastinated on the resin kit and they were gone.

  7. ARMA HOBBY is filling a niche in the Hurricane Mk IIC category in 1/48 scale. If its like their Hurricanes in 1/72nd. Having bought one when they first came out the parts count is low and the surface detail is very impressive. Some modelers complain about high parts counts and want to get to the meat and potatoes of painting the kit . . . these kits are the answer.

    Starting a new modeling company . . . you start with the standards and make the meat and potatoes kits that will bring in dough so you can develop more kits. Making the XB-99 Fruit Bat that will be a instant shelf sitter and is popular with the "Internet Fan Boys" is a formula for ruin. Monogram answered the call by the Fan Boy's for the Ju-52 and the Catalina in 1/48. They got to play Santa but, I doubt if the elves got payed that year.

    ARMA HOBBY is doing a good job of it. By doing highly surface detailed kits with minimum number of parts count to get a excellent result. Or K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid. Eduard learned to do this with their new Fw-190 series.

    I am looking forward to another Hurri.

    • Totally agree. WWII single-seat fighters sell, period. Arma is smart to focus on “tent-pole” projects like the Hurricane and Mustang. This will allow them to do more WWI subjects (and hopefully that F2F!)

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