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So here is the first few pictures of the by of Germany. The instruction manual first off is VERY different than what I am used to especially since it is all in German which should be no surprise as it is from Germany. It is a relatively small kit in terms of pieces with about 126 total. While most are relatively big in size, there are some that are making me and my tweezers very nervous as they are the kind that can turn into ricochets with one accidental squeeze. The first page of instructions has been completed so far and again I am fairly happy with the results of the fit and detail of the kit.

Being a modern aircraft, A LOT of grey is used throughout the kit. Anthracite, medium, light olive grey, etc are just in the first few steps. I don't have a lot of the grey so a black was used for the cockpit and floor. I did manage to get the olive drab color for the rear of the aircraft. Once more is completed, I will update post accordingly and hopefully it'll turn into something wonderful. Until then, Happy Building everyone!

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  1. Don't ever listen to Revell's color callouts. 20 minutes of research will give you the real colors and there are model paints to do them.

  2. Thanks for posting Dylan, Revell seems to have come a long way since the ill-fitting sprues of my youth (although much of the ill-fitting was undoubtedly down to me). Can’t wait to see how it builds up!

  3. Nice start Dylan, this kit is a rebox of the old Italeri kit, for the more fastidious there would be a bit of work to bring it up to the current configuration of operational aircraft. I believe the Italeri moulds were based on the prototypes and a few things are missing from the kit that are included in the newer Hasegawa kit.

    • After doing some research I did realize it is the old Italeri kit. The re-box is definitely more up to par with the current aircraft and I believe close to if not beyond the Hasegawa kit. Very excited for the next few days of building.

      • That's quite telling, Dylan. After Tom C's recent scathing denouement of Revell kits in general I wondered about their input to this venture. While I would tend to take every kit on its own merits Revell have always been one I avoided due to the misadventures of my youth with their plastic! Still looking forward very much to your build!

  4. I had a chance to sit in a USMC Osprey a couple of yeas ago and as a result drove over to my local hobby shop that happened to have a 1/48 Italeri kit in stock. I built one when it first came out and used an Air and Space magazine for reference. They had a cool cutaway drawing and I used that as my only reference. It was based on the prototype, however. It was a fun kit to build and modify. Tom is right about the colors- there's not a whole heck of a lot of them. Hope this pics help.

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • It is such an incredible machine George! Neither one thing nor another but incredibly effective, and for me spectacular looking. In 2019 - the year of WW2 abstinence this and a warthog could end up on the list!

      • I too am looking to take a WW2 abstinence, of course it won't take affect until I finish my 1/48 B17G but after that I am starting off with an F15C, and then looking maybe at the Tamiya F14A and D models. What are you looking to in terms of kits post WW2?

    • George Johnson, living in Wilmington, North Carolina provides me a great opportunity to see the Osprey on a daily basis. Seeing as the Marine Corps base is real close by at Camp Lejeune, the Osprey's, Cobras, and CH-53's are always flying over. The pictures are a huge help and some pictures will be posted on the progress of the kit very soon!

  5. I like the review Dylan. This is a very cool airplane ? Helicopter ? Both ? That's what makes the Osprey so special.

    Revell re boxing or Italeri, it really doesn't matter. Lucky for us we have the internet and can do far more comprehensive research in a much shorter time than we ever could years ago. Many of us on here have spent a lot of time reading paper magazines and going to the library...

    So a person can take the time to make everything "correct" should they so desire with today's much more convenient resources.

    The choice lies with the consumer...

    Build it and have fun... Please post up your work in progress if you don't mind.

    Thanks for posting !

  6. I am pretty sure it is considered officially a tiltrotor- hybrid of aeroplane and helicopter.
    I am still surprised that no manufacturer has produced an up to date version in kit form- or at least for Italeri to update the existing kit. HOWEVER- be aware that Italeri did not get the area directly behind the 'wing' on the upper fuselage correct. Cobra Co. produced a correction for it.

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