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2020: A Year in Review/Memoriam

January 1, 2021 · in Photo Collections · 22 · 2K

It is 6PM on the last day of 2020 in So California, USA. It is Thursday, 9PM in New York and already most of the world it is 2021. 2020 started out with nothing unusual situation normal. It is an election year, the Super Bowl teams are set. Life is good. We didn't make it past January for the year to start going down hill. Well at least as I see or feel it, it was Sunday 26 January, we are at church, service is just about to end as Pastor is wrapping up his sermon. It is around 9:40 or so AM, my phone is on vibrate and it goes off, I take a peak as I also notice several other members discreetly take a peek. I did and the news coming across is quite shocking. I have never seen so many people leave the church at a pace that was like running out when Pastor dismissed service. I was one of them. to open the KABC 7 breaking news app to get more info on the crash. The crash that took Kobe Bryant's life and his daughter as well as the rest of the souls aboard that Sikorsky S-76. Locally here in the greater LA area, Kobe was one person that we all knew, and was more than just an athlete. He was starting to assert his talents in areas that was really benefiting So California kids sports. Not just basketball, for me not a big basketball fan, just a Laker fan. But Kobe was something that everyone knew and see this kid grow up and become someone that was really making an impact not only in the LA area but nation wide. So it was a long week, already aware of what was going on in China and the feeling was at that it was like previous outbreaks, it would be contained. Like the other outbreaks before, Ebola, etc. But by Mid March the country was under a pandemic and California is now under a stay at home order and certain unessential businesses are forced to close. Thank God I was in the automotive industry we were able to continue to operate. As the year crawls along, we also lost a lot of people. naturally by accident and to Covid. Some in the hobby, but those I grew up with like in baseball, my passion next to building. Those we watch play as we grew up, Tom Seaver, Joe Morgan, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Jay Johnstone Whitey Ford and Phil Niekro, in the movie/entertainment industry, Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland, Regis Philbin, Alex Trebek, Naya Rivera, Chad Boseman, Sean Connery, Dawn Wells, Charley Pride and Charlie Daniels Johnny Nash and my good friend Eddie Van Halen. In football again watching this guys play was like yesterday, Gale Sayers. Then recently Chuck Yeager. Will stop there, just seems like an unusually large loss of incredible people that well not even touch the more important people we lost this year, and that are those within our own family and friends. Some expected some with their whole lives still ahead of them. With the holiday season about over, a season that didn't even feel like Christmas or Thanksgiving as we couldn't go anywhere, even if we could family and friends were not so welcoming for fear of the virus. So that really put the kabbash on any thought of a gathering this year. Can't even go skiing as I was hoping as all the lift tickets were sold out online. So much for that! Otherwise build wise I was able to get few finished with several others in progress. I hope and pray that 2021 will end better as 2020 started. We already know what is in store at the start of the new with shut downs still in order, masks to wear, keep washing those hands. As the new administration takes over, who knows what lies ahead. So everyone a Happy New Year, stay safe and may God continue to bless us all.

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  1. Lots to ponder there, Chuck. Outside of wartime this must go down as one of the worst years on record. Nothing else to say, other than stay smart and safe, and protect your loved ones.

    On the other hand many have built more than usual, and the hobby business has in many cases fared well. Thoughts go out to the smaller companies that have suffered, however. Counting our blessings in a very minor way, we are lucky to have a self-contained, absorbing hobby that can take us away from the world outside, and be delivered to our doorstep - even by good old hobby stores. We are lucky to have the camaraderie of the forum and the groups whose company we keep.

    All lovely builds here, Chuck. A variety of old and new, aircraft and armour. All done to a fantastic standard!

    Here's hoping we build just as well, but can live better lives before 2021 is out.

    • Happy New Year Paul, your one of the first to welcome the 1st day of 2021. Let's hope and pray for a better year. That this ends and doesn't continue. Though already talking next fall for any sign of normalcy, but then times flies so no time at all. Just days of working and coming home, not much else. Thanks for commenting, be safe.

  2. A very thoughtful review of 2020, thank you, Chuck, let's hope 2021 is better. I really enjoyed looking at your models, definitely liked.

    • Thanks George, maybe a bit much but as I was writing this up with just the models, a memoriam was on the TV was being presented and I couldn't help myself. So it kind of hit me a bit so I had to share. Happy New Year, looking forward to some more of your builds. Stay safe.

  3. Very nice selection, my favourite being the Jeep

  4. I was astonished by your model and touched by your words above, Chuck!
    Congratulations on your builds, fantastic all of them!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Fantastic builds. That HE-219 is something to behold!

  6. A real fabulous series, Chuck! Yes 2020 was a year lot's of us wished never happened the way it did. Let's hope we'll have seen the back of this Covid-19 thing by the next turn of the year. Wish you good health, love and thanks for your friendship, it's all that matters!

    • Thanks Michel , so true as we roll into the New Year still with the pandemic running rampant world wide. Faith, hope and love is what we have to hold on too. That's what matters. Happy Near, stay safe!

  7. Nice set of kits, Chuck.
    My personal favorite is the He219.
    As you summarized, 2020 is a year that not brought us what we were hoping for.
    All the best for 2021 and stay safe.

  8. Beautiful work Chuck and a moving eulogy to the loss of “ the old guard “ this includes my father, Pilot extraordinaire, w.o. being able to go see him Because the pandemic.
    The US lost 600K combatants in WW2.
    Looks like today’s peacetime losses may well exceed that. A real shame of inaction where there is a clear and present danger to quote Tom Clancey whom also passes.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Happy New Year Bernard, the year had more valley's than peaks for sure. Losing loved ones was more difficult with the restrictions in place most dying alone, family unable to see or be with them. And then not able to have funerals to honor them. The one and only "TC" Tom Clancy passed away in 2013.

  9. Happy New Years Chuck, may this year send us fair winds and following seas, God knows we have been through the storm, with a ways yet to go. Great builds also, and thanks for not building the "Bee". !

  10. Happy New Year Chuck @uscusn
    You have had a very productive year it seems. I read your article and it was indeed a very sad year, not only with the loss of lives, but in other aspects like you mentioned. I like how all of your builds turned out, but for me, I picked the Jeep and the 6X6 as my favorites. Those two especially look like miniature versions of the real thing.

    Let's hope that 2021 is a better year for us than 2020 was. I also want to thank you for participating in our multiple group projects... 🙂

    Take care buddy and stay safe.

    • Thanks Louis, yes it was, that was just the tip of the ice berg in the number of people that have passed last year. Myself having to lose 3 close friends since Thanksgiving. Just need to stay safe and careful. You and Sandy take care.

  11. 2020 was definitely an adventure! A nice collection you completed during the year - well done.

  12. Happy New year Greg, it sure was peaks and valleys sort of ride. Hopefully a much better year, hate see how worse it can get.

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