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DeHavilland Comet 4B – AModel 1/144

Hi! This is the Comet 4B from AModel in 1/144. The kit itself has a really nice detailing for an airliner, mostly on the panel lines, but lack detail on the wheel wells. Had to make some corrections on the air intakes and smooth the shape of the fusselage, repanel some surfaces and add a little more detail on the landing gear.

The painting was straight forward, using Alclad polished allumminium as a base and giving some shades and lights with white and dark allumminium, burnt metal and others from different brands as AK and Vallejo. Oil effects for panels and some dirt as I wanted to represent an aircraft with some time on it.

The decals are from the kit, nice to apply but doesn’t come with windshield decals, so the had to be masked and aibrushed.
Finally, it turned out on a nice kit and have some other old airliners on wich I want to try other metal weathering options.

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12 responses to DeHavilland Comet 4B – AModel 1/144

  1. Ahhhh deHavilland. Very nice little airliner you built there Martin!

  2. Love it, Martin!
    Amazing build.
    Even more so, as it is an Olympic Airways bird!

  3. It is looking awesome, Martin.
    Weathering on that metal finish is beautiful.

  4. Nice build, what a mix of modern and vintage styling in and aircraft. Swept wing jet power, with a tail that looks like it came off a WWII cargo plane…almost like a DC-4. You really make it “pop” with your paint work, good job!

  5. You definitely beat that into submission and got a great result.

  6. Great work on an early airliner, looks great!

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