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For a change something not meant to destroy or kill.

This is AMT's 1/25 1964 Mercury Comet. I wasn't sure why I wanted to build this, we never owned one growing up or after, and yet when Round 2 announced that it was reissuing it, I was weirdly drawn to it. Then the burnt-out brain cells [...]

Comet Tamiya 1:35

Another great kit from Tamiya. As with his all of their newer kits, this one is essentially flawless. Similar to other recent Tamiya kits, the crew figures in this kit are a real step above what Tamiya produced in the past. It was a fun [...]

A34 Comet British Cruiser Tank

This is (almost) 2 made straight from the box kits. Tamiya A34 Late war British A34 Comet and Miniart Tank riders. As always Tamiya, this kit is a pleasure to build. Apart from 2 bags and a driver i added from my spares box this is [...]

Latest progress on the A34 Comet

Well, I'm definitely approaching the "end game" with the tank itself. As you can see, it's now the things like the pioneer tools, tow cables and search light to go. I'll be putting an "RAC" helmet on the front of the [...]

Cuban Comet A34 1/35

Greetings to all forum members. In the last few weeks I was able to finish several kits I had under construction. This one I want to show you now is one of them. It is the Bronco A34 Comet tank, 1/35 scale. The kit has a correct [...]

DeHavilland Comet 4BAModel 1/144

Hi! This is the Comet 4B from AModel in 1/144. The kit itself has a really nice detailing for an airliner, mostly on the panel lines, but lack detail on the wheel wells. Had to make some corrections on the air intakes and smooth the shape [...]

Review: Just arrived – Mikro-Mir 1/48 DeHavilland DH88 Comet

Just arrived an hour ago from Ukraine. $65 delivered via eBay. I've long thought the DH88 Comet was one of the best-looking 1930s airplanes, and have wanted a 1/48 kit for a long time. Finally, Mikro-Mir delivers! Looking through what's in [...]

De Havilland DH.88 Comet “Grosvenor House”, 1/72 Airfix

I'm glad to present my new build, the "Grosvenor House"! "Grosvenor House" G-ACSS, the winner of MacRobertson Race (England-to Melbourne) in 1934. Today you can find brand new SBS model's nice detailed 1/72 kit for this [...]

Another Comet – Airfix 1:72 probably last time

Hi there! I think this is the perfect timing to introduce my 1:72 attempt to building an acceptable comet this time in red. As a Golden Age guy I must have the Macrobertson winner and Heritage's 1:48 D.H.88 was enough once for me. To tell [...]

The Black Magic

I'm a big fan of the Golden Age and also the Macrobertson race - that drived me into this build. This is my 1:48 Comet racer built from the horrible Heritage kit (I mean it!). After I overcome the Airfix 1:72 Comet (another long story) I [...]