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The Paw Sunday Massacre

On the fifth of April, the Empire of Nyappon launched it's surprise multi-pronged assaults throughout the Eastern Archipelagoes, simultaneously striking key targets in order to neuter opposition from its island neighbors as quickly as [...]

The 'easiest' model?

A good question, but a subjective one. One could say it is a pre-prepared die cast, where one would simply screw two halves of some already finished sub-pieces together. The next stage might be a snap-tight model, where the pieces just [...]

Be I the One? The Soviet attempt at fighter rocketry.

Many nations in the 30s and 40s courted the idea of a rocket-powered fighter or interceptor. The Bereznyak-Isayev BI program was the Soviet Union's attempt at a "short range fighter" powered by a rocket engine. Like it's [...]

Odds and Ends: Various Subjects of a Scattered Mind

In a previous article, I mentioned to save space, cost, time, and sanity, I narrowed my collective focus to "Aviation, 1/48 scale, up to September 1945." Before that cut off decision was made, I dabbled in a lot of various [...]

For-Lorn, a Solemn Survivor.

A few years back I took catalog of my model collection. I had a lot of models. This did not surprise me. I did a rough estimation of how long it takes me to finish one model, and multiplied by how many non-completed models (started and [...]

Of Memory Lane and Angry Clients.

These photos are models I no longer own, or for what I know, no longer exist. Sorting through old family files resurfaced these ghosts to me, reflecting on my younger years and my decision to do commission model work. Around my high school [...]

Welchome to my P-40B Show n' Tell.

The names Welch, Taylor, Brown, Rasmussen and Sanders are names commonly known as "the five that got up" on 7 December. What can be lesser known is the details of their aircraft. P-40B "160" is generally regarded as the [...]

“No idea, Joe. Tell em it’s some kind of Wonderbug Machine.”

April 1945: the US Army's Shermans are overrunning airfields faster than the AAF can shoot them up. As some GIs poke their Garands into the backs of Luftwaffe scientists and groundcrew and shuffle them off the base, other Americans take a [...]

Bab Company: Misfortune Comes in Threes.

Some of you may see the model companies release multiple boxings of seemingly the same thing. You may wonder, "who buys all of these things?" I do. I'm that person. Welcome to another Whipple Special, in this case maybe a [...]

Throwback Thursday: OS2N-1

Monogram OS2U converted to an N-1 by saying N instead of U. It might be more complicated then that, but yolo. The Naval Aircraft Factory took on building Kingfishers after Vought was told to focus on Corsairs in '42. This one served with [...]