1/48 Monogram classic P-61 Black Widow

February 19, 2021 · in Aviation · · 23 · 2K

A delightful if troublesome kit...a classic...hope you like this 40+ year oldie...

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  1. Wow! What a sharp build, it looks great!

  2. That's a nice-lookin' Widow! I really like this purpose-built brute - one of my favorite twins.

  3. Wow two Monogram Classics in one day! This IS a troublesome kit, I built it many years ago and it's not their best fitting kit at all, but you have done a great job taming this beast! Well done!

  4. Love it, my friend @mvtb!
    What a great build of a challenging kit!
    I have built the same with the "Lady in the Dark" scheme. I might dust it off and post a couple of pics here...

  5. Nice looking Widow! I have in the past built two of these and loved them. It really is a nice kit and you made yours look good. I have the Great Wall Kit and am looking forward to building it. Speaking of which my Great Wall Kit is the "A" model without the upper turret. Does anyone have an Upper Turret from either they Great Wall Kit, or the Monogram Kit they are willing to donate to fellow modeler?

  6. Very nice build, Marcus.
    You absolutely did overcome the troubles from this kit.
    Although an oldie, you brought it back to life beautifully.

  7. Nice build. Looks better than the eponymous girlfriend femme fatale ! Amazing we call our planes and ships “She “ the new Mars Rover that landed yesterday is a she as well. Go figure why.

  8. Excellent result on a challenging kit!

  9. Nice , the tail booms on mine were bent like bananas but some hot water had em sorted ended up being one of my favourite builds. I have a couple of these old kits in the stash . Lots of issues but perseverance gets you a great looking beast.

  10. That turned out great. You managed to join the clear parts very smoothly.

  11. It's like Monogram Heaven here today, some really nice work.

    An airplane well used then well cared for, looks very realistic.

    I love the overall semi-glossy finish, it looks so slick, and real.

  12. "Troublesome." Yes, that's a very good word for this kit. Also "frustrating." And you have overcome all the frustrating trouble and made a really nice result with this.

  13. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the kind words.

    All the best folks!

    P.S.:the nightmare isn´t indeed over at all...I have another one of these!

  14. Marcus, well done. I'm in the "process" of the same kit myself and understand your delight in the troubles. One has to go in to this build knowing the kits "age" but with determination it still builds into a nice representation as your build shows. And you've done a really nice job with the clear parts, the most troubling portion. Again, nice job! Now go build a Tamiya kit, you deserve it.

    • Gary,indeed I am...

      3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  15. Great looking Black Widow. Really like the weathering touch you put above the engines. Liked!

  16. Much as I enjoy building Monogram kits this one is hard work and you have done a superb job of forcing it into submission.

  17. I know little about either the real thing or the kit, but it looks great, that black finish really sets it off, definitely liked.

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