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Tamiya AMX-13, French army

Hi all,

This one is almost done. Quick and easy build of the Tamiya AMX-13 kit, which is what you’d expect from recent Tamiya kits. For some reason this model got built, primered, and then sat in my “to finish pile” fort a few years (the model was released in 2016). In the meantime I got side tracked into other projects, but since I like the sort of sporty look of this tank, I decided to finish it.

I kept the weathering pretty low key. After all, this is a vehicle in peace time, so plenty of time to keep the tank in a good condition.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. And a few shots of the base without the tank covering it.

    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. It does look sporty, for a tank. Never knew of this one until now, the tank or the kit.
    Very nicely done.

    • Thank you!
      Some 25-30 years ago I used to take the train to school and later to work, and we would pass a salvage yard that had a few ex-Dutch army AMX-13’s sitting in it, waiting to be scrapped. Ever since then, these small tanks have intrigued me. But there was never a good model of it (Heller did one, but it wasn’t very good). Then, in the space of a few months, both Tamiya and Takom came out with kits of this tank. So I had to have one.
      I think I might do the Takom AMX-13 105mm in the future too, and finish it as a Dutch vehicle, as a tribute to those long since scrapped tanks I saw as a young’un.

  3. Looking great, Jay!
    Love the weathering and the base!

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