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This was my return to the hobby after 30 years away (girls, college, work, new family...). The evolution of the kits and the tools and supplies surprised me... Here in Brazil we have few options of stores (physical or virtual), and most [...]

Tamiya AMX-13, French army

Hi all, This one is almost done. Quick and easy build of the Tamiya AMX-13 kit, which is what you'd expect from recent Tamiya kits. For some reason this model got built, primered, and then sat in my "to finish pile" fort a few [...]

Tamiya AMX-13 French Light Tank.

I made this as an online build on Britmodeller back in 2016 when Tamiya first released their AMX-13. If was my first attempt at giving tracks the appearance of sagging using wire to hold the tracks in position. In the photos I've posted, [...]

Review: Takom 1/35th AMX-13/75 review