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TAMIYA A6M5 Zero 1:48

March 17, 2021 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.7K

It's funny, but you will forgive me (I hope): since I returned to this hobby after more than 40 years of absence, I am amazed to retrace paths that others younger than me have already traveled. I have rediscovered a state of the art light years from my beginnings and I am starting again by remaking in 1:48 scale what I had already done in 1/72 scale (my view is no longer what it once was sigh !) without worrying too much to flip through hundreds of magazines to find pictures of a particular aircraft and spend months searching for documentation. So I apologize for presenting models that have already been seen millions of times but I am catching up and I hope to soon arrive at more sophisticated constructions. For now I am proud to show the small progress I can make and feel among friends.

P.S. This is a google translation (my english is still 40 years ago)

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  1. Welcome back! It IS like riding a bicycle, isn't it? Nice result.

  2. You could call it a mature build. . . with all the advantages of age and wisdom. Great looking zero. Not over done with the bare metal, sharp painting with some smart work on the canopy. Your never too old to reinvent yourself with the hobby.

  3. Nice to have you here. That's a fine looking model.
    Try 1/32, it's even easier. Just need more shelf space. πŸ™‚

  4. Great job on your A6. Appears your modeling skills are fully intact.

  5. Welcome back to the Golden Age of Modeling. There are many aircraft models now that never existed before.

    I am curious, are there any aircraft that you really wanted a model of that didn't exist then but exist now?

    • I used to go to the newsstand to buy Airfix bags ... then There were practically all the planes I knew, but today the quality of the kits and the technique are on another level.

  6. Great Zero! Welcome back.

  7. Your re-entrance is great with this A6 build, Cosgan.
    And I do recognize your story, there is a huge difference between then and now.
    Hope to see more of your modelling skills soon.

  8. I too am working my way back into the hobby after retiring, but my skills aren’t as intact as yours. Great build!

  9. Very nicely done Cosgan and I'd say your modeling skills well survived your 40 year absence from the hobby. Welcome back to the fun world of plastic modeling.

  10. Great looking Zero, I hope you enjoy your rediscovered hobby, that's the most important thing, definitely liked your post.

  11. Welcome back, and welcome home! Really nice pictures too.

  12. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    Good and attractive work on this Zero model.
    Nice work in the cockpit, looks very good.

  13. Yes! Welcome back, @costanzogandolfi!
    What a great Zero!
    Looking forward to your next project!

  14. Welcome back. And nice work. Hopefully you will stick around awhile.

  15. Let me add my welcome, and suggest your skills are still intact! That's a fine looking Zeke!

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