Tin foil hat

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Quadruple layers of high grade aluminium foil protects the wearer of this classic piece of anti-government armour. Chin strap in industrial strength artificial leader makes you look classy as Audrey Hepburn. If you are scared of having your thoughts read and recorded, or if you don´t want to be radio controlled by evil pro-vaccine officials, get one today! Best used with fake nose and mustache combination and dark glasses to avoid facial recognition systems.

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  1. Exceptional. Great weathering job, clearly caused by excessive must-wear times...these days.

  2. will it protect against alien mind probes , is this available from Amazon ?

  3. Whoever said we modelers had no sense of humor...?!

  4. Great post, count me in for this one! @stellan

  5. I like t his a lot, @stellan. The most on-the-mark comment on the controversy in a long time.

  6. Well done. Every kitchen has a roll of this and therefore we can all be safe!

  7. Do they come in different colors? Gold foil might be quite retro...

  8. What scale is this, and can I get one with a propeller on top?

  9. Nice mate!
    Will it also make my opinion on the internet really important? 🙂

  10. Okay, I am sorry, but I need to set you straight, you missed the accuracy a bit, the crinkle pattern you used does not conform to specs. You should buy the detail and scale volume "foil hats of the midwest US" there are great photos on page 26. Don't feel bad, most people miss the finer details- you did a good job with the references you had!

    • OK, Dan. I know it isn´t easy and from your comment I understand you have missed the finer points and the entire discussion the last 25 years. Since Dr Finkelstein published his infamous shipwreck of a "detailed study" (as it has been mentioned to be on The Other Modelling Forum..) a lot of new information has come to the public´s eye. The Finkelstein publication is a good history book and has got some nice side views but it just isn´t scientificly based on facts. The basic, and most efficient, form of Tin Foil Hat is the one above. There is just no way around it. Part of the function is the wrinkle surface, any smooth outer layer is just to make it look nicer and may actually lower the efficiency of the barrier.

  11. ...I hear voices...

  12. Curses, foiled again!

  13. Take me to your leader-ours is out to lunch.

  14. Nice protective headgear!

  15. I have a doubt: but who wears this hat, will he have a brain to shield?

  16. Stylish fashion accessory that would also keep your hair dry during thunderstorms.

  17. Very beautifully done! That will "style" nicely with a "Q" button...

  18. Many things have been said about this construction (which many of us have used at some time), but I have the doubt if it has photo-etched parts.

  19. Regarding question what mark this is. As mentioned this is Mark III. The previous marks where as per photo, just found them in my work shop.

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