The Last of the Many

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Some days ago, when stockpiling was all in fashion due to the novel virus, I got an idea for a simple model: a roll of toilet paper.

An actual live size roll acted as an original for this 1/10 scale model of it. A piece of styrene tube was cut and I sealed off both ends with some flat PC. I drilled a hole in the top end and inserted some fine styrene tube into it as the cardboard centre. To round it off I cut and wrapped a piece of actual paper from the real roll and dressed it down the side of the base.

Now, I present to thee, The Last of the Many, as a hommage to all rolls stockpiled in our homes in this time of distress.

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  1. OMG...I almost spit my drink out!

    Absolutely Brilliant!

  2. I salute you sir, fine build LOL

  3. Ha! I did spit my drink out! Oh to have a bidet in the house.

  4. Be sure to put it in your safe, may get stolen, haha!

  5. Cannot get more timely a build than this, Stellan! It's beautifully made, anyway. An 1/10 person can use it right away! A sign of the times to remember when (and if and in what way) these times will pass. ...Last of the Many; I like it!
    All the best !

  6. This is definitely a prized trophy looking for a contest. What must I do to win this? Maybe just survive the day? Thanks for the much needed humour.

  7. I swear off in the distance I hear the faint notes of taps being played. Well done Stellan.

  8. two thumbs up

  9. Awesome! The way you have it displayed make it look like it would be right at home in Lord Business's Hall of Relics from the Lego Movie! Maybe he would have called it The Quilt of Cottoneelay. (Cottonelle quilted.)

  10. So simple, and yet so imaginative! Your award deserves an award. . . well done and a big THANK YOU for this ray of light. Coool

  11. Brilliant in its simplicity Stellan!

  12. Imagine when a time capsule in the future is opened from this time period and trying to explain the reasoning of the importance of TP in this season of nonsense, (the crazy rush to hoard paper products and sanitizers). When facts showed that there was plenty of this simple but a daily need in households across most of the western world. Maybe someone will have a good answer to the inquiries that many are asking today. But I laughed so hard as it is the perfect symbol of this madness. The COVID-19 is not nonsense don't get me wrong as it is a big concern, and it is international. Remember these days, laughter is the best medicine, perfect Stellen, model of the month for just being human, funny and the sign of the present time. God Bless

  13. That's hilarious! LOL Great idea!


  14. I don't know where to begin...!

  15. Found this sign om a mail box... "Ads please, I have run out of toilet paper".

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