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Road and Track

I built the track version from the kit right out of the box. Sometime later I tackled the kit, also out of the box. Both projects were painted with Tamiya rattle cans, with the road car done in metallic Orange. The Revell version has a complete engine whereas the Tamiya version has a partial engine. Both kits were fun to build and I have one more track version in Castrol livery to complete.

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  1. Amazing job - I've got the revell kit and two of the tamiya - how did you approach painting - I'm a bit perplexed how to pain this car - main are of concern are the extensions that go down and back off the roof and attaches to the rear fenders.

    • The track version was painted in three sub-assemblies. The white was left as white plastic and the red and blue were painted before the body was assembled. The road version was painted after the body was assembled and the interior was painted as a seperate unit before it was installed. The track version decals were the most difficult part of that build.

  2. Nicely done Jack.

  3. Great looking cars and equally great looking models, definitely liked. By the way, I see that Meng have just released a new tool 1/24 original GT40, are you tempted?

  4. Good Looking cars! I haven't built a car model since about the 7th or 8th grade. When I see great builds like this it makes me wonder why I haven't built one in so long. I really like the metallic orange one.

  5. Amazing job on both of them, Jack!

  6. Great job on some really cool cars, Jack (@camaro1). I use Tamiya rattle cans when I can get away with it, but you clearly have mastered them.

  7. Great paint job and your other cars look killer as well. I have one of these Tamiya GTs waiting in the wings.

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