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Book Review! Grumman C-2A(R) Greyhound COD

May 11, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 5 · 1.8K

I never thought I would see a book dedicated to the C-2, an aircraft near and dear to my heart having flown to and from carriers aboard them and having been the Leading Chief Petty Officer for VRC-30 Det 3 Crusaders on two cruises aboard USS Nimitz. Then on the VRC 30 FB page a man named Boerries Burkhardt asked if he could use some of my pictures on his website, I said sure. Later he messaged me and said he was writing a book about the C-2 and would I mind if he used some of my pictures in it. Again I said ok, corresponded a bit with him and didn't think much of it. A few weeks ago, I get a message from Boerries saying the book is finished and asking for my address so he can send me a copy as a thank you for my contributions. Well it arrived the other day, and man, it is great. If you have ANY interest in the C-2 this book will be of great interest, if you are building the C-2, it is a MUST HAVE. 100 pages plus full color front and back cover, soft cover, well printed on quality high gloss paper. Full color throughout, details, colors patches. It has one of the only pictures of "My" COD Password 32's name "Queen Annes Revenge" that I took on the way home from my last cruise. One section is done by BuNo of all C-2A(R)s made. This is a labor of love, and to say it warmed my heart and brought back a flood of memories of deployments and friends, well would be an understatement. It can be purchased of Boerries website.,

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  1. That's great Rob, looks like a fine publication, and it's even more special with your connection to it. Waaay back I was a passenger on a pregnant hummer making a trap on Nimitz while in the Med.

  2. That's great indeed, Rob!
    Isn't it wonderful that you shared your pics and now an amazing book is published with them included?

  3. Nice to see Rob! A great resource and a nice memento of your time on carriers.

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    Walt said on May 12, 2021

    Very cool to see a book about something you love and to have made a contribution towards it. I think it is a really cool looking plane, and the book looks like it has some great pictures for the modeler in it.
    Years back I worked for a flight simulator company in Tampa. One of the last projects I was involved in was the upgrading and refurbishment of a C-2 full flight simulator. It was supposed to be able to accurately simulate catapult launches and arrestor hook landings.

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