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Revell VW Golf 1 GTI

June 20, 2021 · in Automotive · · 13 · 2.4K

Hello! I would like to show my last model of VW Golf 1 GTI in 1:24 scale. I worked on this model very long time due to having more work and this pandemia stopped me also. But things are going to be less complicated lately and I have more time to do scale modelling. I managed also to reserve separate modeler room with desk, books, photographing corner, spray booth. I attached pictures of my room too. I like model of Golf, very nice and simple in design. It's already classic but how cool is it. I hope you enjoy pictures and I wish you all the best. Martin from Wieluń.

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  1. Marcin, this GTI looks simply excellent! Very clean and simple fun, just like the original, which is very fitting.

    Your modelling space looks very relaxing, spacious and we'll organized. Is you photo booth a retrofitted shelf? That's clever, if so.

  2. Great work! Looks like the real thing! I adored these cars when they came out, I was too young then to get a license though... Maybe that's why I never had a serious car crash! 😉

  3. Nicely done, Marcin.
    Also your room and workspace look very neat.

  4. Well done Marcin, she's a good looking GTI. Bought a used VW Golf for my daughter some years ago. and It was a fun car to drive.

  5. This is great Marcin @marcpacy297, I love all the details, especially the upholstery, I'm sure the gear lever has a correct golf ball knob as well. The Mk 1 and Mk 2 GTIs were definitely the best versions of the Golf, I have fond memories of a 16V Mk 2... definitely liked.

  6. Great work, Marcin. I like the upholstery.

  7. This is a fantastic GTI, Marcin!
    Love your new workspace, too!

  8. Love those GTI's - they were an astonishing car to drive in their day!
    Great photos - they look like they were taken in a showroom!
    Nice modelling room Marcin!

  9. Hello Marcin,
    Job well done on this Golf GTI. Very cozy and warm hobby room.
    Good photography.?
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  10. I had a black GTI way back when! Loved that little hot rod! Cool to see a model of it. Thanks for sharing Marcin.

  11. What a great article about a great car, as VW shifted away from the Beetle. Thanks for sharing this piece of automotive design and history, Marcin. Really nice car model. Happy modeling!

  12. Really nice work! I've been thinking about building a Golf from that era. Your work inspires me. I love the un-cluttered engine bay in the early Golfs. I owned a Scirocco from the same era. Plaid seats too!

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