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Tu-154 Of Omskavia, Plasticart, 1/100

March 17, 2017 · in Aviation · · 26 Comments

Hello, dear friends.

It so happened that I got my hands on a set of German firms Reifra. Saying she's revived the line when your favorite GDR-ovsky Plasticart models. Indeed, in the box lay the sprues painfully known. All in the distant 80-e ))). I will not go into the schools to model geometry, and they are many. I note that the plastic from the standpoint of handling and working with it is just gorgeous. He is firm, but beautifully polished and cut.

I will say a little about the most interesting moments of the construction.

The panel lines, as many will remember, the foreign and wrong. I cut around the plane and sanded to a state of "bald the surface." Drawing by Dmitry Kolesnik cut the main lines of the new.

The trailing edge of the wing, stabilizer and fin is something with something. Overly thick. Sew had a very large area, to bring them to the desired thickness. then I had cheated a little and ate only about 1 cm of the edge. It turned out certainly not quite right, because too rounded ends of the profile, but from the edge was more like thin.

All the rejected items in a set were marked with a massive ditch. The flaps I have putty and cut a thin line again. The rudders and ailerons of propylene and the full length bored through, giving the shape of "fish" sections. Nodes their pendants made from pieces of plastic. It turned out the effect of the "pending" element, which "may" be rejected.

Had to Tinker with the second duct (Central) of the engine. It's just not there. Of instant noodles plastic built a kind of S-shaped trough in each half of the fuselage. Putty brought more or less similar form. In the lower part of the mounted fan Assembly of the engine found in the cushions of the engine. Have taped the entire surface of the two S-shaped polychoric foil. After gluing together the fuselage, the joints taped with strips of foil.

Glass Windows were glued after painting all the Windows on each half are not glued to the fuselage. Then covered them with a strip of adhesive tape and further, as usual. Therefore, the area window becomes ready for further work and does not require masking each window.

The plane had to build in the livery of Omskavia. Moreover, as similar to the Board RA-85133. By many measurements , fittings and vivarini had a decal like this livery. The tail decals consists of several pieces. To do one whole round, I did not dare, and to work with the pieces more convenient. The decal around the perimeter of each window, cut after finish paint. Then covered each window with Futura.

That the result turned out to judge you. To be honest, most don't like it. Some points I would do differently. But... the model is ready and offer to see it

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26 responses

  1. Looks great to me! Very nice livery as well.

  2. What a beautiful looking model, Dmitry...that tuned out VERY nice indeed. Curious as to the wingspan in inches, though.

  3. Nice Dmitry! You really transformed that old kit. I thought it was the new Zvezda kit at first. Great livery too.

  4. Dmitry, "painfully known" sums up their earlier products. I remember. But they were all we had of the genre.
    Beautifully done, great to see one, particularly to such a high standard.
    Keep cranking them out!

  5. Yes Dmitry, good looking model, nicely done.

  6. Great job, nice airliner.

  7. Gentlemen, thank you for your attention and good words.

  8. Very nicely done, Dimitry. I like your collection of transport and passenger aircraft. It is very interesting! Your painting and decal work is splendid. I saw one of these TU-154s at London's Gatwick airport back in 1987. It was the first large Soviet aircraft I had ever seen. I had only seen some Mi 8 and Mi 24 helicopters before as they patrolled the East/West German border.

  9. Profile Photo
    said on March 18, 2017

    Great work.

  10. Hello Dmitry,
    My compliments. The finish is superb and most have taken a lot of precious time. A pleasure to look at and excellent photography.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  11. Gentlemen, I am very glad that Russian aviation is of interest to you. Thank you!

  12. Dmitry, back in the bad old days, those of us who were couldn't get a lot of information or models. Usually, grainy out of focus photos taken at the May Day parade, or that 1961 show at Domedevo. Once in a while one of the stores I frequented would somehow get some kits from the VDR, laterly KP.

    Thanks for sharing, it's fascinating to see what we missed, or wondered about, back aways. Modelers and aviation enthusiasts share a common bond, no matter where they are. I've always felt that that is a good and great thing. Brotherhood, if you will.

  13. Two thumbs up in bring the past into the present and making the kit look like a new contemporary kit. The engraved panel lines and the sharp crisp paint job make for a smart,tight build and the detail around the engines or the aluminum around the engine inlets really stands out in my mind. The model also, serves to show that the world is not just made up of Aerobus and Boeing planes. Its a good looking model of a good looking plane.

  14. A lot of skill and work has gone into creating such a good looking model from this kit, a labour of love I guess.

  15. Stunning execution as usual mate! Flawless!

  16. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    This one has really caught my attention.
    Very nice and sharp work Dmitry, the lines of design and the colors are just captivating. Thank you for sharing this one, very good work.

  17. Colleagues, thank you for your attention! In my childhood I collected the same model. And now it's an Assembly of a completely different level. I kind of took another look at the model.

  18. Great looking airliner, always loved the clean lines of the Tu-154.
    Paint work and markings look perfect, well done.

  19. Nicely done

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