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4 - Lancia Stratos HF

July 9, 2021 · in Automotive · · 16 · 2.5K

I really loved this kit, it was a nightmare and gave me so many issues (my fault, not the kits) but oh my was it a lot of fun.

I started out with the undercarriage and engine and played around with some extras on the engine seeing as it was going to be open to see. Added some wiring and colour to it.

The inside of the car was quite plain but I can see why with the small windows, I decided I didn't like the decal seatbelts especially since the seats had bumps so it would look odd, so I made some out of masking tape and stuck the decals to the tape.

The hardest part of this kit was the paint, I was using what I now know was a faulty airbrush (was one of my first times with an airbrush) plus I was spraying white so that didn't help either, I got awful orange peel and had to strip it off. So into dettol it went and round 2. This time I used Tamiya Fine Surface primer white and it went on really well so I decided to leave it as the primer and not paint it.

The Decals went on brilliantly but in my inexperience I ruined the big one on the side and had to cut it so I could still have something on there, was really upset but I guess if you don't know exactly how it looked you wouldn't really know.

So at that stage I had a really nice clean kit, but its a car, in it's whole life it was clean for about 8 seconds, so lets get it dirty...

Out came the reference pics and the weathering kits, and mud, mud, glorious mud. All over her.

This was an amazing kit and such a fun build, one I enjoyed and made me want to do many more rally cars.

Thanks for reading to the end if you got here, a bit long but I got a bit nostalgic remembering it.

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  1. That's some really great weathering on there. Looks like the real thing. Excellent job!

  2. I love the Stratos and I love your model, Anthony.
    Great job!

  3. This is a great build, Anthony.
    I'm not really into cars, but this Lacia is as beautiful as your model.

  4. I've always loved the pugnacious looks of the Stratos! It just had that "cobby" look about it and sort of warty! @anthonyricco, your model looks great to me, just like the cool, real deal. I think it's so neat to see one modeled; thanks for posting that! 🙂

    • Thanks Gary, so glad it looks realistic, thats what I really try to make my builds look like, still a beginner so learning how but glad it looks it to you.

  5. Hi Anthony @anthonyricco, what a fantastic model of one of my all time favourite cars. Your extra detailing looks great, especially the seat belts, and the weathering finishes it off brilliantly, definitely liked.

  6. Definitely one of the best looking rally cars, along with the Alpine-Renaults.

  7. Nicely done Anthony, I'd call her a winner in my book.

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