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Hi. First post, new in this hobby

Hello everyone. I am new to the hobby and to this site. I hope you guide me to improve, I accept all criticism and advice. Here an audi of italeri. In my opinion racing cars are more beautiful dirty. thanks for seeing my post.

Lancia Delta S4 - 1/24

Hi, There is final version of my Lancia Delta S4 from Beemax comp. With a few added details including homemade car jack. I was trying to make it look like realistic car and not like a toy, its not perfect ... next time it will be better [...]

4 - Lancia Stratos HF

I really loved this kit, it was a nightmare and gave me so many issues (my fault, not the kits) but oh my was it a lot of fun. I started out with the undercarriage and engine and played around with some extras on the engine seeing as it [...]

VW Polo WRC 1/24

This is Belkits 1/24 VW Polo WRC. A great kit (although expensive), with excellent decals.