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Polar Lights: Robot from Lost in Space – LIS (1997)

July 24, 2021 · in Sci-fi · · 12 · 1.9K

"Warning, Warning! This kit is a pain to build"

This is a copy of the Aurora LIS and is made in a hard tan plastic. As a copy the parts need careful clean up and alignment. The toughest job was getting the seams taken care of and finding color photos of the real thing. Of course after finishing it I found what I needed. It comes with base and a red clear plastic death ray or something. The top plastic dome is in two parts and I simply sealed the parts with Future floor wax. There is another larger version as well, plus the famous Robbie the Robot.

was my favorite TV show back then and never watched the other show.

"Danger Will Robinson!"

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  1. Love it, David!
    A nice break from the "usual" modeling subjects, as well!

  2. Nice job on building the LIS robot. I still have the one I built in 1969 but it is not in great condition. I did pick up the one released by Polar Lights a couple of years ago and hopefully have it build.

  3. Never missed an episode. The repartee between the robot and Dr Smith was always a highlight and your model really looks the part.

  4. Danger, Will Robinson! Loved the first season, then it got a bit silly. Looks great.

  5. Really nice, David (@thevid). Lost in Space, in all it's versions, is still one of my favorites. But it is hard to beat the original.

  6. Really something different, David.
    Nicely done.

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