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WNW Sopwith Camel F1471 "12" 185th Aero Sqn USAS

July 2, 2021 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

Tamiya, Alclad II, printers inks and oils
AIMS aerowires
Prop : oils over acrylic
This livery was applied just Armistice ~ Feb 1919
I made a previous version of this kit that was ruined by incredibly fragile decals, most shattering in the water!
This one was better but note how the whites of the lower wing decals dried with cracking through the surface?!

24 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. Awesome build, David
    Luckily the cracks only occured at the bottom roundles and are barely visible.

  2. Another David G LANE masterpiece.
    The decals cracking is barely visible.

  3. What Spiros @fiveten said. Another beauty!

  4. All of the above. I thought the subtle weathing was the highlight until I saw the prop.

  5. My favorite, so far, David. The white is amazing!

  6. Mr Lane, you never miss an opportunity to depict subtle (dare I say perfect) details. The weathering is perfectly life like, prop looks fantastic, the oil dribble, and heck, even the tires look great! Thanks for sharing good sir.

  7. A masterpiece !

  8. Another Lane spectacular. Great wood effect, overall fabulous paint. Like the Bat logo.

  9. Lovely weathering. Almost real, so subtle. Never even attempted that level of realism. Maximum respect!

  10. Thanks for the kind comments
    I’m still trying to find a better way to attach the flat aero wires …..something I need to sharpen up ?

  11. Excellent work. Well done!

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