1/72 Fine Mold Mitshubishi Ka-14 :First fly predecessor of ZERO,

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, Mitshubishi
Build from box with some added details in self-made painted with MRP paints.
He won some gold and silver bronze medals in competitions.

The Ka-14 was a significant milestone in Japanese aero-engineering, proving the all metal monocoque fuselage and cantilever wing over the IJN's previous biplane types, and of course developed into the Navy Type 96 Carrier Fighter A5M 'Claude' series which saw successful action during the Sino-Japanese war from 1937. It set the pattern for future IJN fighter doctrine in combining agility with speed.
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Nick Millman


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  1. A superb job, Samo, beautiful details for the scale!

  2. Great build, especially in this scale, Samo @politicni-komisar
    I truly can imagine that you won prices with this build, it looks great.

  3. Nice work on this. Till you held it in the palm of your hand, you could have convinced me it was 1/48.

  4. Awesome looking build Samo, nice work with the NMF.
    Another post that makes me want to watch ‘The Wind Rises’ once again.

  5. Looks fantastic! It does have a unique shape with those gull wings and swallow tail.

  6. Nice job, Samo (@politicni-komisar). These early Japanese fighters were really small.

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