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Arado Ar 234 B2/B-2b Blitz - 1/72 DML

This is an out of the box build of ’s Blitz. I used the kit markings for the aircraft in the Smithsonian, and the FL Models M7226 masks and Vallejo Model Air paints. Underside is RLM 76 Lichtblau, and topside is RLM 81 Braunviolett. Sources conflict as to whether the other camouflage color should be RLM 82 or 83, but I went with RLM 82 Hellgrun. Cockpit interior was RAL 7021 Dunkelgrun with RLM Grau for the wheel wells.

I included all the accessories in the kit - a large bomb under the fuselage, 66 gallon fuel tanks under the engines, and Rauchgerate rocket assisted take-off units.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses

  1. Great looking build Michael, a nicely loaded AR 234.
    I remember building the Lindberg kit way back when, hard to believe it was operational during WWII.

  2. Fantastic build, Michael @mcsmith1964
    Never saw an AR234 with additional fuel tanks, and what a strange position they mounted those.

  3. Very nice work and a great result. You could have had me believing this was 1/48 if you hadn't said 1/72.

  4. Excellent build, Michael and an amazing result!

  5. Nice job, Michael! I too was expecting 1/48 when I saw the first pic. If you have not had the pleasure already and you get the chance, go see the real one at the NASM/Dulles.

  6. Nice work Michael, looks like the paints you have chosen matches to the Ar 234 in NASM/Dulles.

  7. Looks great - well done!

  8. Inspirational! Looks great. I've just ordered the Hobby 2000 reboxing of this kit - it includes masks and PE.

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