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Heinkel He 162A-2 in 1/72 scale from Special Hobby

October 4, 2021 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.8K

I would like to say a few words about the freshly finished . The Special Hobby kit is a relatively fresh release and since I like all German jet planes, I purchased it soon after its release. I intended it for a quick, loose build.

The kit itself no longer necessarily cites the manufacturer's older short run kits. It is characterized by very nice surfaces, thin panel lines, and the box hides few parts. The landing gear as well as the cabin also look very good. What's tricky about the canopy on the other hand: one-piece and opaque. After a long polish, it became as you can see in the pictures. The kit is relatively easy to build, the fit is also acceptable. The location of the pitot tube in the nose should be improved, as well as the missing 20mm gun barrels should be replaced because they need to be visible. The BMW jet engine is nice, simple, be careful not to seal the line of fit, because the plates could be removed from it along its length.

After Mr. Black Surfacer priming, I used Mr. Aqeous Color acrylics with Tamiya X-20A thinner (this is at home). Sprayed with a H&S Evolution 0.2mm airbrush. The gloss varnishing was done with Gauzy agent, after the decaling I closed the surface with AK RC satin varnish. I even worked on the glossy varnish on the shades, dirt with artist oil paints. The decals are very thin, but they like to crease, you have to be careful with them.


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  1. An excellent result, Istvan! Thanks on the kit info, looks like SH got it right: having built the Dragon -162, it looks like the SH kit is much more "mainstream" than the challenging Dragon!

  2. VERY nicely done. Build and finish are super.
    That lighter looks like a tall building next to your model.

  3. An absolute gem, Istvan @havrilistvan
    So small but looking great.

  4. Beautiful overall with an exceptional fine finish. I know this is a small model in 1/48 let alone in 1/72and that makes your model even more a thing to behold

  5. Awesome build, beautiful colors! Does anyone know if these planes saw any combat?

  6. Fantastic work Istvan

  7. Very slick and good looking Istvan.

  8. That little gem is a real beauty! Well done!

  9. Very nice little jet! You captured it well. You get the true sense of it's size with lighter as reference. . I can only imagine what it felt like have that engine strapped to your back.

  10. Beautiful little model. Such nice tonal variation and weathering on such a tiny canvas.

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